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The Most Important Number In Collecting


Through this blog we try to impart advice that has been hard earned through over 50 years of combined experience wheeling and dealing in the collectibles markets. 

There are certain "rules to live by" that are necessary for success no matter what collectible one is addressing. Today I'd like to share another one of these "golden rules" with you. There is one number in collectibles that is instantly more sought after and valuable than any other number and that is the number ONE. ONE as in FIRST!! The first corvette, the first Batman comic, the first U.S. coin are all immediately recognizable due to the HISTORIC IMPORTANCE of the collectible in question. Anybody and everybody can understand THE FIRST, and therefore THE FIRST of everything has an intrinsic desirability to people inside AND outside a collectible market.

So how does this pertain to Classic 1960's Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters? Well the BG1 and the FD1 and the first posters at any other venue have always enjoyed top demand. But so is the FIRST appearance of a given band at a venue, or THE FIRST poster designed by an artist, or THE FIRST year of a band's existence. There are lots of FIRSTS that one can collect--but be certain of one thing--there will always be more people that want to own these items than there is supply to go around. So it's up to you to use this knowledge to your advantage. You won't be the FIRST to profit from it and you certainly won't be the last!!


Don't Be A Thumbsucker!


As many of you know, Warren Buffett has been someone I have looked up to as a role model for my entire life and I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to spend two afternoons with him in recent years. 

Mr. Buffett has many maxims about life and investing that have been extensively documented and everyone would be wise to follow the advice that he has so generously shared over the course of his unprecedented career.

Mr. Buffett believes that one of the keys to wise investment is patience, and the ability to wait for the "perfect pitch". When that pitch comes, and you can identify it as such, it's important to "bet with size" and maximize the opportunity that you have so patiently waited for. Mr. Buffett implores you to understand that the worst thing you can do is just sit there--"sucking your thumb!!!" Those are his words, not mine!

For each and every one of us, there is some complex set of circumstances that has led us the point where we are now at the very vortex of extraordinary events that are occurring RIGHT NOW in the market for Classic 1960's Psychedelic Concert Posters.

Some of us have been led to this market by the music, some by the art, some by the historical importance, some by having grown up at the right time or place, some by a general interest in collectibles..the list goes on.

What we all know is that we are sitting on top of a volcano that is about to explode! A huge number of different factors have all come together to offer us the most exciting collectibles opportunity in over 40 years--. rarity, beauty, time, certification, media attention, few attractive alternatives, and many others that have been chronicled by us in this blog, and by others.

The question now is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??? It's not often that one gets to know how something is going to ply out in advance. It's not often that someone gets to something exciting FIRST. It's not often that one can buy the very best and most desirable collectibles for low five figures instead of high 7 figures!

Don't be a thumbsucker! Take advantage of your own fortunate circumstances. We founded Psychedelic Art Exchange to take advantage of this very opportunity so we are putting our money where our mouth is. We are here to help you succeed. But you need to make the first move. Call Glen Trosch, President of Psychedelic Art Exchange at 410-464-6180 and so you can map out how to succeed with your own personal collecting goals!!!

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We Need Sellers!


The market for Mint Condition Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters is now receiving unprecedented attention. This appreciation is leading to record levels of demand from two distinct groups of individuals.

Experienced, seasoned collectors widely recognize that their long term interest and dedication to the hobby is now finally being validated by the mainstream society and media. New participants to the field are rapidly and aggressively migrating to the genre from other collectible areas due to their belief that these beautiful works of art represent the most compelling value proposition in the world of collectibles today.

All of this has led to a DRASTIC supply/demand imbalance that is resolving itself through gradually higher values. Psychedelic Art Exchange has far more demand than we can meet through our tiny available supply of Mint Condition pieces. We are spending hours each day speaking with our contacts around the world and every poster we shake loose is a MAJOR effort.

If you have premium quality pieces that you would like to sell, please contact us immediately! We can offer you two different ways to turn your material into cash--through outright purchase or through auction consignment. Each method has distinct advantages and we would be pleased to discuss those with you at your earliest convenience.

Either way, Psychedelic Art Exchange can GUARANTEE you the absolute highest prices available anywhere in the world today as we represent the most sophisticated collector base for this material. Our clients fully understand the special opportunity that these posters represent and are all too happy to pay a premium price at today's levels in order to nail down the best quality pieces. To sell your posters, please call Glen Trosch, President of Psychedelic Art Exchange, at 410-464-6180.


Scott Tilson of Psychedelic Art Exchange

Press Coverage

Well I have a special guest today Scott Tilson of Psychedelic Art Exchange. Scott and Glen Trosch run PAE. They will be doing guest columns on a monthly basis. The concert posters of the 60's paved the way for all the work we see today and is some of the most beautiful art work ever created.

Psychedelic Art Exchange (PAE) is the premier source to buy, sell and learn about 1960’s Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters. They are a full service organization that provides sophisticated collectors like yourself with everything you need to take maximum advantage of what a growing number of people believe is the most lucrative collectibles opportunity in the world today.

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2010 Predictions Part 3


This is the third and final installment of our predictions for 2010. See previous blog posts for the beginning of this article.

5) Mint Condition Posters will Be More Expensive and Harder To Find! Mint Condition is where all the action is at PAE. This is segment of the market that enjoys the strongest demand and is in least supply. What does that mean to you and your collection? It means that if you have specific items on your "want list", you'd be wise to acquire them sooner rather than later as prices will continue to increase. Act now, while the window of opportunity remains wide open!

6) There will Continue To Be Widespread, Mainstream Interest In Anything To Do With The Sixties! Most experts agree that the 1960's brought us the most significant social movement and growth of the 20th Century. So much happened that began in the Sixties is still relevant today. The era has indelibly marked our morals, our ideals, our politics, our fashion, our music and virtually every other aspect of our lives. Over the past year, the general public has enjoyed mass market movies such as Taking Woodstock and Pirate Radio, and major museum retrospectives of the era and our beloved art. Look for this focus to continue, which will just increase the interest, historical importance and appeal of our beautiful Classic Concert Posters!