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A Golden Opportunity For Collectors

Activity here at Psychedelic Art Exchange has been rapidly increasing with each passing week since Labor Day weekend. Collectors and investors around the world are in desperate need to put their funds into SOMETHING, and the world is providing scant choices at this moment in time.

People are telling us they are scared of the stock market, which has posted negative annual returns for the past 10 years, the Real Estate market still has years to digest the massive supply hanging over the market, and money in the bank at 2-3% is a net loser after inflation.

Meanwhile, the index for tangible assets is at an all time high and by that I mean the price of Gold, which is currently flirting with the $1200 per ounce level. Gold represents real money and real wealth, a currency that cannot be quickly and conveniently printed by Government Officials at their slightest whim.

It has been widely reported in the national and international press that the market for collectibles is doing just fine. Prices for art, antiques, coins, stamps, diamonds comics, sports and political memorabilia are all going one way--UP!!

Our small but bubbling market for Classic 1960's Concert Posters is really beginning to smolder as people are now embracing the concept of Certified and Authenticated Posters! Collectors are looking at their personal collections, and current offerings on the market with a new eye and perspective and are coming away with the realization that the early 1960's material in true Gem Mint Condition is far, far rarer than was previously understood and massively under priced compared to other collectibles that don't have the same historical importance or eye appeal.

Take a look in our store for some current offerings that will meet all of the criteria that current and future collectors will seek. There has never been a better time, or better place to salt away some of your hard earned funds. These posters will continue to get better with each passing year, and the printing press on these was stopped over four decades ago!

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