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Measurable Upside

For the past few years we have been reporting that long time, sophisticated and other "smart money" has begun accumulating Classic 1960's Concert Posters in Mint Condition because they perceive them to be the most under valued collectibles in the world today.

This aggressive move is not based on speculation or mere "hunches", but on cold, hard facts based on math and logic.

Let's say that 1500 copies of a poster were originally issued. For most issues, this means that 10-15%, or 150-225, probably exist in some sort of condition. For the typical issue, just 5-10%, or 7-22 copies exist in Mint condition. This means that a Mint condition example is 10-20 times rarer than a run of the mill, damaged copy.

Right now, you can buy most issues in Mint Condition, when you are lucky enough to locate one, for just 2-3 times a damaged copy. This leaves the buyer with a tremendous value and a true bargain that is sure to be in more demand with each passing year. Not only are these rare Mint Condition pieces a great value compared to used examples, they are also a great value compared to the premiums that other Mint Condition collectibles bring in other markets.

It is not at all unusual in other collectibles for Mint Condition pieces to bring 25-100 times the value of a used copy!

The premiums on Mint Condition posters, compared to used examples, has only one way to go..up. If you consider yourself a connoisseur and like to collect the best, the present market prices represent a unique window of opportunity that is sure to slam shut soon. Carpe Diem!

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