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This is your Triple Assurance of receiving unsurpassed quality and value!

1. 30 Day 100% Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction. At PAE, we are not happy unless you are. When you receive posters from us, we want you to carefully inspect each item in the comfort of your home and make sure that it meets your personal standards and expectations.We want you to be nothing less than totally thrilled with every item you acquire. If for any reason, you become dissatisfied with any piece you purchase, simply return it any time within 30 days of receipt. You’ll receive an immediate and full refund, including your return postage and insurance costs! No questions asked!


2. Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.Every poster we sell is guaranteed to be genuine in regards to what it’s represented to be. If at any time, an item sold by PAE is found not to be authentic, we guarantee to buy the item back from you for 100% of your purchase price, plus 5% simple interest for every year that you have owned the item.Please note that authenticity is different than the grade assigned to an item. Grading is an art, not a science and represents a subjective description which can and often does differ among experts. It’s also possible for the same expert to assign a different grade to the same item at different times. Please see our Guarantee of Grade.


3. Guarantee of Grade.PAE has earned a well deserved reputation as the most conservative graders in world. If at any time in the future, you wish to sell posters acquired by PAE, we guarantee to buy back or auction your material at the same grade that the posters were originally sold to you.We welcome, and indeed encourage our clients to call PAE first whenever it comes time to sell as we have come to rely on our clients as our best source for fresh material. Because of our robust business, you can count on PAE to offer you the very highest prices available anywhere and will be determined by current market conditions and inventory needs at the time.

PAE is the only organization in the world to offer the above guarantees and serve as your assurance of receiving unsurpassed quality and value.

In order for the above guarantees to remain in effect, all items must be returned undamaged, in the exact same condition, and in the exact same holders as they were originally sold.

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