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Psychedelic Art Exchange is excited to announce a brand new, revolutionary development in the Psychedelic Rock Concert Poster Market--Certified Authentication and Grading backed by a No Risk, 100% Buy Back Guarantee!

This new service has been in development for the past three years, and has been in "Beta Program" with our clientele over the past twelve months. Collectors have universally embraced this new service as it offers an entirely new level of accuracy, consistency and trust!

Each and every poster that is sold by Psychedelic Art Exchange is housed in a chemically inert, archival holder suitable for long term storage. The holder is sealed with state of the art tamper evident hologram seals and is assigned a unique, tamper proof serial number that can be verified with Psychedelic Art Exchange.

A Certificate of Authenticity and Grade also accompanies each poster and contains a matching serial number and its own tamper proof holder. And all of this is backed by a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity and a Guarantee of Grade!

Certified Authentication and Grading is universally recognized for triggering the explosion in popularity and value of rare coins, stamps, baseball cards and comics.

The demand for Mint posters has also been skyrocketing in recent years as collectors are starting to understand just how difficult it is to locate Gem Material. Now, through Certified Authentication and Grading, collectors around the world can confidently participate in what many believe is the most lucrative ground floor opportunity in the collectible market today!

To see all the details of Certified Authentication and Grading, click here.

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