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2010 Predictions Part 1


As we embark on a New Year, I thought I'd put down on paper my predictions for 2010. 

1) Tangible Assets Continue to Be Hot! With interest rates below 2%, and inflation running higher than what can be earned risk-free, there is very little incentive to leave your money in a bank CD. Every day, money left in the bank will shrink instead of grow. The interesting paradox is that more traditional forms of investment such as stocks and real estate are still in the midst of correcting in price. There is a general consensus that what can be bought in these two arenas today will cost you even less in a year's time! This is why the value of tangible assets (gold, commodities, diamonds, collectibles) continue to increase. People with excess funds want to have something real and secure instead of a "lottery ticket" that dances around in price on a moment to moment basis and whose value can completely evaporate without warning. Count on this trend continuing in 2010!

2) The Interest in Classic 1960's Concert Posters Will Continue To Grow! The "perfect storm" that characterizes the Classic Psychedelic Concert Poster Market is no longer a secret. Collectors around the world understand that these incredible works of art have a long list of positive attributes--incredible low original issue numbers, a worldwide demand, unsurpassed historical importance, amazing beauty, ridiculously low values compared to other collectibles and a tremendous scarcity of pieces in Mint Condition all combine to offer what many believe is the most lucrative collectibles opportunity of the past 30 years! Look for this exciting market to continue to grow over the next 12 months as more new buyers enter the field, and existing collectors aggressively plan to upgrade their holdings to maximize the opportunity they have already identified!

To be continued...


The Table of Death


Every poster that we authenticate is first carefully screened in its entirety by black light to detect if any restoration has occurred, is measured for proper paper thickness with a micrometer and then measured for dimensions using a special ruler that is calibrated to 1/64 of an inch.

Once these initial steps are performed, the poster is immediately transferred to The Table of Death. The Table of Death got its name, because it has killed off countless number of posters that at first (and second, and third) glance appear to be in Mint condition.

The Table of Death is in front of a 20 foot high by 20 foot wide picture window with a southern exposure to the Wasatch Mountains in Park City, Utah. The natural sunlight is incredibly intense and when posters are held up to the window, every conceivable imperfection and flaw immediately reveals itself! It is these minuscule imperfections that are then measured to come up with a final grade for the poster.

While this process is extremely time consuming and labor intensive, it is in fact a point of pride and a labor of love. We have received dozens of posters from other dealers that were represented to us as "Mint" that turned out to have repaired tears, tape pulls, filled in pin holes, regular pinholes, small tears and many other problems too numerous to mention.

When clients call us raving about the consistency and conservative nature of our grading, this is our reward. We work with collectors who care and they appreciate that we care. Together we all enjoy participating in the most exciting collectibles opportunity in the marketplace today.


Buy 2nd and 3rd Printings!


Hopefully this headline has caught your attention as regular readers of this blog know that Psychedelic Art Exchange abhors this strategy. BUT--if you are looking for cool artwork, and artwork alone--this is by far your best collecting strategy! 

Why? Because second and third printings are literally available by the MILLIONS! They are not rare at all, they have no historical significance, enjoy virtually zero demand, can be located with no effort and are extremely CHEAP in price-- and in every other respect! Why would I want to waste my time with posters like that? You are probably (hopefully) asking yourself. Because YOU, as a SERIOUS COLLECTOR, want THE REAL THING! YOU want posters that MEAN SOMETHING, posters that are ORIGINAL, posters that are SOUGHT AFTER AND RARE, posters that are increasingly MORE DESIRABLE with each passing year, posters and a collection that YOU ARE PROUD OF!

If this describes you, if this is how you already feel, then you need to extend this feeling to the subject of condition. The same collectors that value authenticity and originality also value pristine condition for all the same reasons and instincts. People want the ORIGINAL because original is authentic and real and rare and desirable and sought after. And the few remaining MINT condition pieces from the 1960's era are more of all the traits listed above. Run of the mill copies (or restored) are far easier to locate and in far less demand with far less eye appeal.

So as we enter 2010 take a hard look at your collection. Resolve to upgrade your collection if an opportunity presents itself to do so. Trim your holdings that don't make you proud. Let your heart and your collector instincts be your guide.

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Thanks For Your Participation!


Glen and I would like to thank all of the bidders who participated in our just completed Classic San Francisco Concert Poster Auction. 

We received bids from all over the world and your enthusiasm for fresh, Mint condition material was truly more than we expected. 2010 is sure to be the most exciting year ever for collectors of Mint Condition 1960's Psychedelic Concert Posters. The concept of Certified Authentication and Grading is being embraced in the marketplace, the True Rarity of Mint Condition material is becoming increasingly understood and appreciated by collectors, sophisticated money is moving into the market and Mainstream America continues to show a growing fascination with the unsurpassed beauty and historical significance of these artworks. And the era they came from.

Whether you are buying or selling, please contact us so that we can help you achieve your collecting goals.


Last Chance To Bid - Auction Ends in 24 Hours - Friday at 2:00pm (est.)


If you are looking to acquire extremely early Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom posters in Mint condition, you still have 24 hours to participate in our Classic San Francisco Sale. 

The auction will end Friday, December 18th at 2:00pm est. and features a wonderful selection of very FRESH material. These posters are all but impossible to locate in the condition offered and are not readily available --once they are sold, we cannot easily replace them. Each poster is PAE Certified and Graded and is backed by the strongest guarantees available anywhere.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Glen Trosch at 410-464-6180. Good luck in the sale!!