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Vintage Concert Posters are THE TRIP at Newly Opened Bahr Gallery!

Gallery in Oyster Bay, N.Y. invites readers of this blog to a private tour!

The Bahr Gallery in Oyster Bay N.Y. specializes in Vintage Concert Posters.

The Bahr Gallery in Oyster Bay N.Y. specializes in Vintage Concert Posters.

Anyone that has ever held a vintage concert poster in their hands understands that the grandeur of the awe inspiring art can never be fully displayed or transferred by tiny photos on a smartphone or computer.

Because of this, it’s always exciting for us to lead readers of this blog to venues where these important historical artifacts can be seen in person.

Our friend, Ted Bahr, started collecting late 1960’s posters just after college when he was living in San Francisco and remembers many evenings trundling into the legendary Ben Friedman’s Postermat in North Beach and trying to cajole Ben into selling some of his rarer issues.

Fast forward 30 years and Ted, who in 1999 started a company that produced conferences and trade shows in New York, had sold his company and began casting about for what to do in the next phase of life. More than 35 psychedelic posters had been beautifully framed and hung in his former offices and, knowing the increasing value of and interest in this poster art, he decided to open the Bahr Gallery, near his home in Oyster Bay, NY.

The Bahr Gallery, which opened last year, has several rooms featuring more than 60 psychedelic master works on rotation featuring posters from San Francisco’s Big Five of Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin, and Alton Kelley, and others.


Unlike the poster shops of old, the Bahr focuses on a complete presentation; an appropriate, carefully selected frame, archival mounting, nearly-invisible museum glass and a meticulously researched backgrounder on each work of art, putting the piece in context.

While The Bahr sells the artwork, visiting the Gallery is like visiting a museum and many people will stay for more than an hour, which they are more than welcome to do. Also, the Gallery hosts private events, Exhibition openings, book signings, and musical evenings. An example from this past November was an event attended by 100 people to hear “the voice of the Grateful Dead Radio Hour,” David Gans, play with a Hawaiian slack key guitarist and Hula dancer, an event that also raised $700 for a local charity.

“We are curating the visual experience for admirers of this art, the music, and its special time in history, said Bahr. “It’s time for these 50-year-old works of art – already highly prized by collectors and connoisseurs of the period – to be properly displayed in a beautiful, elegant setting as they seek new homes.”

Exhibitions planned for 2019 include a Winter Showcase, British Invasion, Woodstock and other Festivals and the art of the Grateful Dead.

Owner Ted Bahr notes, “I was not asked to plug Psychedelic Art Exchange but I am going to anyway. Most of the pieces we display are purchased at auction from the reputable specialists in the field. I particularly appreciate the advocacy for CGC grading by Scott and Glen at PAE. Buying from experts makes my job easier – even though I do my own authenticity analysis, I know I am getting the piece as advertised. Further, companies like PAE act as a clearinghouse for the marketplace and allow me to then share this great art with the world. I enthusiastically invite all readers of PAE’s blog to contact me for a private tour!”

Learn more at or follow them on Facebook or Instagram @bahrgallery. To get on the mailing list for events and exhibitions at the Bahr Gallery, or to schedule a private tour, send Ted Bahr a note,

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