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Top 10 predictions for vintage concert posters in 2018

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The marketplace for vintage concert posters is evolving at light speed, and it's not expected to slow down going into 2018. Here are the top 10 predictions to be aware of when planning your collecting activities this year.

1) Record prices for the finest and rarest

Increased demand and dwindling supply will lead to record prices across ALL categories. The current market environment has collectors paying up for both TOP QUALITY and TOP RARITY. The finest known example of a $100 poster is just as likely to draw a record price as a one of a kind $25,000 rarity. In the few instances where a top-quality example of a super rare item surfaces, expect fireworks to happen! Will 2018 see the first $100,000 concert poster at auction?

2) The number of market participants multiples…again!

This collector's market is an industry that has the wind at its back. (See why in our 2017 year in review.) At Psychedelic Art Exchange, our goal is to onboard at least 1000 new clients in 2018. This increase would be more than double the 450 new clients we welcomed in 2017. It's a lofty goal, but we are committed to more than doubling our annual market expenditure to reach it.

3) Focus on tangible assets will fan the flames

The White House is committed to spending money like a drunken sailor. This spending is already leading to a fall in the dollar and a rise in gold. What does this have to do with vintage concert posters? Plenty. This is the very beginning of a cycle of renewed inflation and desire for "hard assets." Collectibles are always the number one beneficiary of this type of environment.

4) Continued growth at Psychedelic Art Exchange

2017 was a year of growth for PAE: growth in clients, growth in volume, and growth in staff. In addition to our two co-founders, Glen and Scott, we now have two full-time employees and three part-time employees that log about 20 hours each. We are actively searching for more staff, and if you are in the area and love this material and interested in joining our team, please let us know IMMEDIATELY.

5) Severe supply shock hits the market

What began in 2017 as a murmur has slowly grown into a roar. We're talking about the giant sucking sound of a rapidly dwindling supply that has become pervasive in the marketplace.

Through the decades, there have been various stashes of posters that were never listed for auction and that served as a ready source of supply that could help quench the thirst of any new demand. The very last of these stashes are quickly becoming extinct. This dwindling supply is fast, resulting in a heightened appreciation for virtually ANY 1960's concert poster that has survived the past 45-50 years. This significant market inflection point, well understood by long-time observers, will become common knowledge among all collectors and will significantly affect values in 2018.

6) Premiums for artist-signed material explodes

This artist-signed material trend is one we have seen steadily gaining steam over the past several years, and we see an acceleration of this trend into 2018. Let's face it; the artists of this bygone era aren't getting any younger. Twenty years ago, an artist-signed concert poster was no big deal. Now that these artists are into their 70's, the ability to acquire their signature on a poster is a much more highly valued opportunity, as it should be!

7) Interest in Grande Ballroom, Vulcan Gas, and Armadillo World HQ posters climbs

These venues issued posters of incredibly high artistic value, in minimal quantities, for a very dedicated psychedelic community outside of California. Importantly, major new books have recently been published on these venues.

As more and more collectors enter the marketplace, interest will gravitate to currently undervalued areas. Over the past 2-3 years, we have seen an explosion in interest for all three of these venues.

In many cases, these posters can be acquired for a fraction of what the more popular posters out of California command. Experience dictates that market inefficiencies like this can't last forever and this one won't either. Take advantage while you can!

8) Values of large size Fillmore posters explodes

Let's face it. High-quality examples of posters in CGC-graded holders are on average, worth a considerable premium compared to the same issue that has not been third-party authenticated and graded. Up until now, CGC has not had the capabilities to grade the large-size Fillmore poster, but this situation is about to change. Look for these massive posters to command substantial premiums once CGC commences grading in the coming weeks! And of course, the larger a poster is, the harder it is to preserve in museum quality condition!

9) Values of large size Art of Rock posters explodes

CGC is currently committed to grading and authenticating all posters seen in the Art of Rock. The exception was large size posters. These posters required a new holder that will launch in the coming weeks. Look for all Art of Rock posters that have not yet been eligible for CGC grading to explode upwards in value when placed in CGC holders. There is a huge pent up demand for these issues!

10) Renewed focus on handbills and postcards

It's no secret that a concert handbill is far easier to counterfeit than a concert poster. Third-party authentication and gradings by CGC have brought much-needed integrity to this overlooked area of the market. With the introduction of CGC, we have seen an explosion of interest in concert handbills, now that collectors can acquire them with confidence.

Also, CGC has devised a beautiful holder for concert postcards. These holders include holes that can easily attach inside a binder. Collectors love the CGC concert postcards because you get the same iconic art, equal historical importance, a system to display a collection, and all for just pennies on the dollar compared to what the very same posters command. This trend has nowhere to go but UP!

Ready to get your vintage concert posters and handbills CGC graded and command more value? We'll take care of everything.


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