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Psychedelic Art Exchange (PAE) is a premier source to buy, sell and learn about Vintage Rock Concert Posters. We are a full service organization that provides sophisticated collectors like yourself with everything you need to take maximum advantage of what a growing number of people believe is the most lucrative collectibles opportunity in the world today.

We are honored that our logo was designed by Wes Wilson, the world’s first — and arguably the world’s most influential — psychedelic poster artist. Thanks, Wes!

You will be working directly with highly experienced experts of unimpeachable integrity.

PAE was founded by Scott Tilson & Glen Trosch,
who have over 70 years of combined experience in the rare collectibles markets.


Scott Tilson

Dear Friend,

My name is Scott Tilson and I have been passionately (many would say obsessively) involved in the collectibles markets for the past 35 years. You can say that I was born with collectibles in my blood. I began collecting when I was 10, started buying and selling for a profit when I was 12, and never looked back.

Buying and selling collectibles turned me into a self- made millionaire by the time I was 25 and by age 35 I’d built the world’s largest collectible postage stamp company with 1.5 million customers and $125,000,000.00 in worldwide sales. At the same time, just for fun, I built one of the finest rare coin collections ever assembled. A collection that is currently worth over $10,000,000!

Over the years, my collecting activities have been closely followed and extensively reported about on NBC Dateline, USA Network’s First Business, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Time and Newsweek Magazine, Rolling Stone magazine, CNN, U.S.A Today, The New York and Los Angeles Times, and literally hundreds of other newspapers, magazines and television shows around the globe.

Even though I have enjoyed my fair share of success trading collectibles, I’m here to tell you that after 35 years of relentless research and analysis, I have now discovered what I sincerely believe to be the single greatest and most lucrative collectibles opportunity of all time!

You can get museum quality works of art that are exceedingly rare, historically important and drop dead beautiful—for just pennies on the dollar! The articles below explain it all!



Glen Trosch

Glen is an internationally acknowledged expert in 1960s “Pop Culture” collectibles with a special emphasis on rare and highly sought after paper collectible categories including Vintage Rock Concert Posters, Comics (and Comix!), and rare books, magazines and newspapers. Mr. Trosch also has extensive expertise in rare and collectible toys from the 1960s.

In addition, Mr Trosch has been widely lauded for his active role as The Collectors Advocate. Mr. Trosch has tirelessly supported the need for transparency in the Vintage Rock Concert Poster Market and is widely credited with breakthrough educational programs that provide collectors with unsurpassed information on the topics of grading, storage, and the establishment of a two way market for Vintage Rock Concert Posters.

An Interview with Glen Trosch

Q. How long have you been active in the collectibles market?

GT: I have been a collector of paper since I was 8 or 9 years old, my family owned a periodical distribution business. I had unlimited access to magazines, comic books and paperback books. I was a kid (literally!) in a candy shop. I started out collecting Mad magazine, Charles Shultz paperbacks and funny comic books, then all the Super Hero stuff. I remember collecting and trading early 70s Topps baseball cards and Wacky Packages when I was 10. I became serious about buying and selling actively, as a teen at local comic shows. I bought a great deal through mail order at that time as well. I was doing all I could to get my hands on any underground comic that I needed. I became heavily involved with 1960s Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters when I was in college. After the family business was sold, I bought a huge inventory of music related memorabilia, and spent the next few years selling on eBay and at record shows. All along though, my heart was in these posters. I could never stop buying the stuff, and for the past 25 years I have been immersed in the world of Vintage Rock Concert Posters. My home has always been adorned with these beautiful treasures. Creating the Psychedelic Art Exchange is the culmination of my life’s collecting passion.

Q. What made you decide to specialize in collectibles from the 1960′s?

GT: I’ve always been a collector, and the Sixties has always been the focus of my collecting passion. As long as I can remember I’ve had a fascination with the era. The popular culture images from that time, most notably the counter culture images, which soon were adopted by the mainstream, left a strong impression on me. I think the leftover artifacts from that era are enduring. I’ve collected underground comix and concert posters from the Sixties since I was a teenager. When I first traveled to the Bay area in the early Eighties, I realized that this was my bliss. The fact that San Francisco/Berkeley was the central distribution area for this material meant that there were still several places that sold these gems. I’d spend most of my time perusing poster and comix shops. I’d come home with armfuls of poster tubes and stacks of comix.

Q. Are the dealers that you bought from still in business?

GT: There were never that many dealers to begin with. The main sellers that I worked with to build my collection are all gone. There are few mail order dealers that currently sell posters, but none have an inventory of premium pieces.

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