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The Table of Death

Every poster that we authenticate is first carefully screened in its entirety by black light to detect if any restoration has occurred, is measured for proper paper thickness with a micrometer and then measured for dimensions using a special ruler that is calibrated to 1/64 of an inch.

Once these initial steps are performed, the poster is immediately transferred to The Table of Death. The Table of Death got its name, because it has killed off countless number of posters that at first (and second, and third) glance appear to be in Mint condition.

The Table of Death is in front of a 20 foot high by 20 foot wide picture window with a southern exposure to the Wasatch Mountains in Park City, Utah. The natural sunlight is incredibly intense and when posters are held up to the window, every conceivable imperfection and flaw immediately reveals itself! It is these minuscule imperfections that are then measured to come up with a final grade for the poster.

While this process is extremely time consuming and labor intensive, it is in fact a point of pride and a labor of love. We have received dozens of posters from other dealers that were represented to us as "Mint" that turned out to have repaired tears, tape pulls, filled in pin holes, regular pinholes, small tears and many other problems too numerous to mention.

When clients call us raving about the consistency and conservative nature of our grading, this is our reward. We work with collectors who care and they appreciate that we care. Together we all enjoy participating in the most exciting collectibles opportunity in the marketplace today.

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