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Relentlessly Upgrade

There are several common traits that are shared among the world's most successful collectors.

One of them is the practice of continually and relentlessly upgrading the material in your collection. Upgrading gives you maximum results for minimal investment. Let me explain. There is no question that owning the highest quality material is the way to go for the long haul. When you buy the best, you own something that becomes increasingly more desirable with each passing year. When you own the ordinary and run-of-the-mill, you will always own something that elicits a big yawn when it is offered for public sale.

With this knowledge, it is critical that you scrutinize the posters in you collection and selectively weed out the least desirable material and replace it with top of the line pieces. The proceeds you receive form the sub-par items can now be re-deployed into items that will bring you a lot more satisfaction in the years ahead.

Carefully review the pieces you own and replace the ones that don't immediately touch a special place in your heart. We all take a lot of pride of ownership in our collections, it is immensely satisfying to own pieces that are beautiful, rare, historically important and in pristine Mint Condition.

By making sure every piece you own meets this strict criteria, you are guaranteeing that you will always be enthusiastic about collecting and you can be assured that this wonderful hobby will bring you even greater satisfaction with each passing.

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