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Innaugural Event at PAE Gallery

The Psychedelic Art Exchange celebrated the Grand opening of our new gallery space late last year to an overwhelming response. It was a great joy to introduce our friends, fans, and curious onlookers to our new gallery space.

Many in attendance were previously unaware of the existence of 1960's concert posters. Those uninitiated eyes had the same response that most everyone does when they view this beautiful artwork for the first time. Wow! When we took lease of our space at 3846 Falls Road in Hampden, we envisioned the space purely as office. However the highly visible street access and the high ceilings, not to mention being in one of Baltimore's most interesting neighborhoods compelled us create a full concert poster gallery. The space took shape better than we thought and transformed magically from work space to gallery space.

PAE has always believed that one must see this amazing artwork up close to truly appreciate its magnificence, and this was the perfect opportunity to test that belief. With art so detailed and colorful, viewing images of the posters in print or on a computer monitor, just doesn't do them justice.

The event was an unqualified success. Guests took in these artifacts of the psychedelic era with delight, as they enjoyed the offerings of food and drink. The crowd was even more eager to drink in knowledge of our collective passion. Attendees poured over the resource volumes and other printed material with great interest. In fact the books got as much attention as the hanging works.

This response further encouraged us at PAE to continue to spread the word about this world class collectible. Being so immersed in the world of the psychedelic concert poster we are often surprised by how relatively unknown this incredible body of work is to the world at large, even those who are longtime veterans of the live music scene.

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Thanks are due to those who supported us in our inaugural event. Molly McNulty, Jen Devos and Chef Kevin Miller. Thanks for making us look good.

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