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Winterland's New Year's Eve Concerts Memorialized

Winterland's New Year's Eve Concerts Memorialized

For decades, Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco served as a mecca for music lovers, especially during its iconic New Year's Eve concerts. From the psychedelic sounds of the 1960s to the rock 'n' roll extravaganzas of the 1970s, Winterland's New Year's Eve celebrations were legendary, featuring some of the most famous bands and artists of their time. Psychedelic Art Exchange is excited to announce three posters up for auction memorializing these iconic nights. Let's journey through the years and revisit some of the most memorable performances that graced the Winterland stage on New Year's Eve and check out the posters along the way.

Winterland 1967: A Legendary Lineup

In 1967, Winterland's New Year's Eve was a psychedelic music extravaganza that epitomized the spirit of the Summer of Love. The lineup featured an eclectic mix of iconic bands and artists, including The Doors, whose mesmerizing performance captivated the audience with their hypnotic melodies and Jim Morrison's magnetic stage presence. Chuck Berry brought his signature rock 'n' roll swagger to the stage, while Big Brother & the Holding Company, fronted by Janis Joplin, delivered a soulful and electrifying set. Quicksilver Messenger Service and Jefferson Airplane contributed their own brand of psychedelic rock to the festivities, creating an unforgettable atmosphere of love and unity. Additionally, Freedom Highway added a soulful touch to the lineup, further enriching the musical experience for concertgoers.

Two Relics of that Memorable Night: BG-99 & BG-100 

Psychedelic Art Exchange is thrilled to have two genuine posters on up for auction from 1967’s unforgettable Winterland New Year’s Eve. 


The first vibrant poster nicknamed BG-99, in its bright psychedelic colors and adorned with the signature of the esteemed artist Bonnie MacLean, represents a prized original first printing from the New Year's Eve run of shows at Winterland in San Francisco in 1967. Every aforementioned performer’s name is boldly printed in groovy text to memorialize their contributions to the magic of that night. While reprints of the BG-99 poster are readily available, the rarity of the OP-1 Pre-Concert First Printings adds to their allure. CGC certification has significantly enhanced the value and appeal of concert posters, but the availability of these originals is limited. The passing of artist Bonnie MacLean, whose remarkable body of work garnered global attention, further amplifies the desirability of this collectible item, making it a coveted addition for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Our second poster, embellished with a captivating peace sign and white dove perched atop the world, is also the work of Bonnie Maclean and includes her treasured signature. This poster represents a sought-after original first printing, specifically the BG-100, created for the New Year's Eve concert in 1967 at Winterland. Rarely appearing in auctions, this poster consistently garners significant attention when it does. Bonnie MacLean's passing, which made global headlines a few years ago, underscored her remarkable body of work and her significant contributions to the convergence of art and music. This international recognition further enhances the desirability of this lot, making it a prized addition for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Winterland 1978: 

Fast forward to 1978, and Winterland once again played host to an iconic New Year's Eve concert, headlined by none other than The Grateful Dead.  For many devoted fans of The Grateful Dead, their New Year's shows were the pinnacle of the year, eagerly anticipated and unforgettable. New Year's Eve 1978 marked the final Dead concert at Winterland and is hailed as one of their best performances at the historic venue. It was a night of flawless execution, where everything fell into place seamlessly. With their improvisational jams and eclectic musical style, The Dead kept the crowd dancing well into the early hours of the new year. Adding a touch of soul and rhythm to the lineup and backed by a stellar band, the Blues Brothers brought their infectious energy to the Winterland stage, delivering a high-octane performance that had the crowd grooving along to Aykroyd's harmonica skills. Finally, a staple of the San Francisco music scene, The New Riders of the Purple Sage’s laid-back vibe and melodic tunes added a touch of Americana to the New Year's Eve festivities and provided the perfect complement to the eclectic lineup of the evening, showcasing the diversity of musical talent present at the Winterland concerts. 

Travel Back in Time to New Year’s 1978

Experience the magic of Winterland New Year’s Eve 1978 with an original poster from that very night! 

Blue Rose

PAE is excited to offer up for auction the iconic Blue Rose poster, a masterpiece by legendary artists Mouse and Kelley. With every Winterland New Year’s Eve 1978 performer represented in a timeless and bold font below a blooming blue rose, this poster is a testament to the iconic acts of that memorable night. Revered among collectors, this poster is a must-have for any San Francisco poster collection, promising immense satisfaction to the winning bidder both now and for years to come.

Place Your Bids!

Winterland's New Year's Eve concerts were more than just musical events—they were cultural touchstones that reflected the zeitgeist of their respective eras. From the psychedelic sounds of the 1960s to the jam-packed energy of the 1970s, each concert brought together generations of music lovers to celebrate the arrival of the new year in style. As we look back on these legendary performances, we're reminded of the enduring power of music to unite, inspire, and transcend. Though Winterland may be gone, its legacy lives on through these stunning concert posters. What are you waiting for? Lay your claim on one of these genuine Winterland New Year’s Eve posters and have a piece of those magical nights today!

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