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Why vintage concert posters are setting record prices

Collectors are paying record prices for museum quality concert posters that are CGC graded and 100% original and free of restoration.

Collectors are paying record prices for museum quality concert posters that are CGC graded and 100% original and free of restoration.

A nationwide radio interview with PAE co-founder Scott Tilson examines what vintage concert poster collectors are so excited about in this industry.

Over the past two years, collector's have witnessed literally hundreds of price records set in our auctions. When news broke about the record-setting $50,600 recently realized in our auction for a Grateful Dead FD-26 CGC graded 9.4, our offices were deluged with media requests.

Below is the first 10-minute segment of a one hour interview with PAE co-founder Scott Tilson that was broadcast to over 60 radio stations nationwide. While the interview was wide-ranging, the focus of this segment was on the factors that contributed to the record-setting price of the FD-26.

In summary, the world record price was the combination of world-famous iconic imagery, a beloved musical group, and a 100% original museum quality condition poster. Free of any restoration, and independently verified of this quality and condition by both CGC and Eric King.

We believe we are in the very early days of this focus on quality, originality, and third-party authentication and grading by CGC. As we all know, just a tiny percentage of concert posters that were originally produced over 50 years ago have survived in ANY condition today. Of those that have survived, only a small percentage have been preserved in 100% original, undamaged condition, free of restoration.

If you are willing to pay for the demand in today's market for quality and originality, we suggest you get an unbiased, third-party opinion. CGC grading will verify and authenticate the quality and condition of your vintage concert poster.

It's a big world out there, everyone has their own view and should collect what is of interest to them, but the factors enumerated above are what's behind today's record-setting prices seen in our auctions.

It's also no coincidence that these are the EXACT SAME FACTORS that are also creating world record prices for rare coins, stamps, paper money, and comic books. These record prices have been widely reported about in major media such as the The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and highlighted in earlier posts in this blog.

You can ignore what's happening around you or decide, "the trend is your friend." The choice is always up to you!

Ready to get your vintage concert posters and handbills CGC graded and command more value? We'll take care of everything.


Listen to the interview below:

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