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We Need Sellers!

The market for Mint Condition Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters is now receiving unprecedented attention. This appreciation is leading to record levels of demand from two distinct groups of individuals.

Experienced, seasoned collectors widely recognize that their long term interest and dedication to the hobby is now finally being validated by the mainstream society and media. New participants to the field are rapidly and aggressively migrating to the genre from other collectible areas due to their belief that these beautiful works of art represent the most compelling value proposition in the world of collectibles today.

All of this has led to a DRASTIC supply/demand imbalance that is resolving itself through gradually higher values. Psychedelic Art Exchange has far more demand than we can meet through our tiny available supply of Mint Condition pieces. We are spending hours each day speaking with our contacts around the world and every poster we shake loose is a MAJOR effort.

If you have premium quality pieces that you would like to sell, please contact us immediately! We can offer you two different ways to turn your material into cash--through outright purchase or through auction consignment. Each method has distinct advantages and we would be pleased to discuss those with you at your earliest convenience.

Either way, Psychedelic Art Exchange can GUARANTEE you the absolute highest prices available anywhere in the world today as we represent the most sophisticated collector base for this material. Our clients fully understand the special opportunity that these posters represent and are all too happy to pay a premium price at today's levels in order to nail down the best quality pieces. To sell your posters, please call Glen Trosch, President of Psychedelic Art Exchange, at 410-464-6180.

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