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Vintage Concert Poster Market Explodes in 2017!

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2017 was unquestionably a year of exciting growth in the marketplace for vintage concert posters. A confluence of circumstances caused the market to grow more in the past 12 months than it had in the past five years. Let's take a closer look at what happened.

1) Growth in Historical Importance

2017 was a year-long celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love. An event 50 years in the making transformed the importance and historical significance of vintage concert posters overnight!

Suddenly, exhibitions of vintage concert posters began popping up at art museums all over the world. More importantly, these exhibits were insanely popular and attended by huge crowds eager to be transported back to a magical era in our nation's history.

Read our coverage of last year's major museum exhibits:

2) Growth in CGC Grading

2017 will forever be remembered as the year the marketplace embraced third-party authentication and grading by CGC. Like every other major collectible area such as rare coins, stamps, currency, comic books, and baseball cards, third-party CGC grading has allowed collectors to buy with confidence, knowing that they are getting what they paid for.

In April 2017, Psychedelic Art Exchange announced that every single poster and handbill sold would be accompanied by CGC grading and authentication if that item is eligible for CGC's service. (CGC does NOT grade and authenticate all issues yet).

This decision was made to further our goal of providing the most trusted platform for both buyers and sellers who are looking to participate in this exploding field. Since concert poster quality and condition is a huge factor in determining value, it seems logical to have an unbiased third-party opinion, when available.

Read our previous posts to understand the value of CGC grading:

3) Exponential Growth in Market Participants

The two factors above led to remarkable growth in the number of participants in the marketplace. PAE is pleased to announce that we gained over 450 new clients in 2017. These new clients are really excited about collecting these posters and share our belief that 1960's vintage concert posters represent the most exciting opportunity in the collectibles marketplace today!

4) Growth in Valuations and Liquidity

It's no secret that the massive growth in collector demand for the fixed and dwindling supply of premium vintage concert posters has led to a dramatic rise in prices. So much so that we frequently see prices smash through records. Despite these price adjustments, the hundreds of new collectors we are dealing with fervently believe these are still the early days.


Because the very finest and rarest concert posters in existence can still be purchased for $10,000 - $50,000. When you compare this to the millions of dollars that collectibles in other markets of similar rarity and desirability command, you can appreciate what a spectacular bargain vintage concert posters still represent.

In addition to increased values, there has been a massive increase in the liquidity for premium material. We literally have over $1,000,000 in Want List items and stand ready to pay immediate top dollar for anything desirable you may wish to sell.

If you're a seller, there's never been a better time to cash in. Contact us immediately, and you can have your payment TOMORROW, without enduring the waiting or risks of auction consignment. We buy complete collections. We do not pick and choose. And the bigger the deal, the more we like it!! Call or email us NOW!

All of the factors listed above ensure an exciting and fun 2018 for both buyers and sellers of vintage concert posters. We would like to thank everyone for their loyal patronage and the trust you have bestowed upon us. A future blog will reveal some predictions of what we see ahead. And some big plans for future growth at PAE.

If you’re ready to participate in what many are calling the most exciting collectibles market in the world today, contact us!


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