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Vintage 1960's Concert Posters Gets Major Worldwide Exposure on CNBC!

Over the past 2 months we have received literally hundreds of calls and emails about major exposure our hobby has been enjoying on a daily basis.

Bob Pisani, the well known commentator on CNBC, has been broadcasting daily from his home, due to the Cvid-19 virus. Bob decided to host his broadcasts each day in front of some of his vintage concert poster collection. He is a long time collector and no stranger to Psychedelic Art Exchange.

Bob has provided priceless exposure of these amazing pieces of art and history to an unsurpassed demographic, millions of well to do individuals and investors! 

All of us that are already enamored by this hobby have long believed this marketplace would explode if folks actually knew that these 50+ year old posters still exist, are available, and can be acquired today.

Based on all the comments we have received, we would not be surprised if Bob's broadcasts lead to a fair amount of new collectors sticking their toe in this exciting market. 

Here's a link to one of Bob's broadcasts where he discusses his concert poster collecting activities and tells his viewers this is a wonderful hobby!

Thank you, Bob!

Go to 18:55 on the video on the video linked here, here's the link!



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