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The Wave is Swelling

This summer has been a very busy time here at Psychedelic Art Exchange. We have greeted several new big money players that have recently entered the market, smitten with the history, beauty and value that these beautiful artifacts represent.

These new collectors have no problem paying that extra 20%-30% to get the material they the condition they want.

We have handled many 4 and 5 figure rarities including a couple of pieces not previously known to exist! These pieces are now ensconced in long term collections that will be off the market for decades to come.

If you have holdings of Premium Quality material, be sure to call us LAST so that we can prove we are the nation's high buyer. Our clientele is very deep pocketed and we represent the most sophisticated collectors in the world today.

If you are an active collector of Premium Quality material, we urge you to contact us with your "Want List" as the huge majority of the material we sell is never offered on a public basis--our backlog of orders simply prevents that.

We have just been notified of a MAJOR DEVELOPMENT that is sure to send this market in thermo nuclear overdrive as soon as the news becomes public. We will have more details of this exciting, breaking news in the coming weeks!

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