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The Top Lots in Our Rare Poster Auction: An MC5 Grande Ballroom Poster and a Signed FD-26

The Top Lots in Our Rare Poster Auction: An MC5 Grande Ballroom Poster and a Signed FD-26

We are excited to show off the top two lots in our June CGC auction - an incredibly rare MC5 Grande Ballroom poster and a signed Family Dog FD-26 poster.

The MC5 Grande Ballroom Poster

This MC5 Grande Ballroom poster is one of the most important and pivotal pieces in the history of 1960s psychedelic rock posters. Created by renowned poster artist Gary Grimshaw for the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, it promotes a show featuring the legendary proto-punk band MC5.

Though not a household name like the Rolling Stones, the MC5 were massively influential in the Detroit rock scene and helped kickstart the punk movement with their raw, aggressive sound. Their live album "Kick Out the Jams" was even recorded at the Grande Ballroom.

With only 4 copies of this poster graded by CGC so far, owning one is an incredible rarity. Despite its immense historical significance and scarcity, this poster remains undervalued compared to its FD and BG counterparts. This particular copy is an amazing CGC 8.5, printed on cardboard and in outstanding condition.

Signed FD-26 Grateful Dead Avalon Ballroom 

The other highlight is an ultra-rare signed edition of the famous FD-26 poster by Stanley Mouse. Arguably the most iconic 1960s rock poster, the FD-26 is considered the holy grail by collectors.

Stanley Mouse signed this copy in front of a CGC grader and had placed in their exclusive Signature Series gold label holder - the first FD-26 poster ever to receive this treatment. It's a real privilege to offer the initial signed FD-26 in this special CGC label.

With more copies being graded, the FD-26 is also starting to demonstrate the relationship between poster quality and value in the CGC world. There's enough sales history now to discern preferences for different grade levels. This particular copy is an impressive 8.5, with Stanley's signature directly on the poster guaranteeing provenance.

We're honored to offer these two extraordinarily rare posters - the first Grande Ballroom poster and the first signed FD-26 in CGC's gold signature holder - in our June auction. For collectors or fans of 1960s rock history, it's an incredible opportunity.

The auction is open for bids until June 13th at 9pm Eastern. We'll also be launching a poster collecting podcast later this month - be sure to subscribe to our Youtube and enable notifications so you don't miss out!

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