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PAE's Picks: The Top 10 CGC-Certified Posters in our February CGC Auction!

PAE's Picks: The Top 10 CGC-Certified Posters in our February CGC Auction!

Another auction is underway here at PAE! This is the third auction we have hosted on our brand new auction platform, and it is FULL of mind blowing items. Although we think every single lot is worthy of attention, here are our top 10 picks for what we think YOU should watch closely in the February CGC Auction!

1. Lot 1: FD-14-OP-1 6.0 SIGNED Mouse

This issue was quite possibly the most popular poster back in the day which is why they don’t often come up in high-grades. The famous FD14 “Zig-Zag Man” promotes a pair of concerts by Big Brother and The Holding Company and Quicksilver Messenger Service at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, California, in 1966. This masterpiece was designed by two of the most famous and legendary artists of the era, the late Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse. It was also the first dates Janis Joplin ever performed with Big Brother and the Holding Company! The Stanley Mouse signature on this example just makes it even better.

2. Lot 2: BG-75-OP-1 8.0

This poster is one of the rising stars in the Fillmore series. It features spectacular art for one of the most beloved bands in the history of Rock and Roll. The Doors are extremely popular with vintage poster collectors, and this Bonnie MacLean design ties together some of the best music with the best artwork. Not to mention, powerhouse names like The Yardbirds and Richie Havens are mentioned as well!

3. Lot 3: BG-69-OP-1 9.8

This poster promoted Jimi Hendrix’s first performance at the Fillmore, and interestingly, Bill Graham screwed up and put him 3rd on the bill. This was Hendrix's first public appearance after blowing away the audience at the Monterey Pop Festival just three days earlier. HIGH-GRADE Hendrix pieces are quite difficult to come by. High-grade posters have been popular in the last several months, and we expect this one to be one of the leaders of the pack.

4. Lot 5: BG-1-OP-2 9.6

Number 1 is the most important number in collectibles! This is the very FIRST poster in the numbered Bill Graham Fillmore Series and the example you see here has been preserved in magnificent MUSEUM quality condition. We know that 500 examples of this first printing poster were originally produced - 150 of the OP-1 version, and 350 of the OP-2 version offered here (without the Peter Bailey credit). 

5. Lot 12: FD-33-OP-1 9.4

The good ol’ Grateful Dead! A RARE and HIGH-GRADE OP-1! The FD-33 is one of the most sought-after Grateful Dead posters in the Avalon Series. This striking yet simple design by Mouse and Kelley utilizes the Family Dog logo in striking Green and Red. A very tiny fraction of the original issuance has survived the past 55 years!

6. Lot 13: NR-0-OP-1 8.5

One of the scarcest Matrix Moscoso posters with a sweet 8.5 grade! This poster is the very first in Victor Moscoso's Neon Rose series of concert posters. Unlike the rest of the series, the NR-0 was printed only one time in an extremely limited quantity!

7. Lot 22: BG-79-OP-1 9.8

Great signature, great artwork, great band, HIGH grade! This poster was made for the very first appearance of the power trio Cream at the Fillmore! This was from Cream's first US tour. Bonnie MacLean was the artist for this one rendering one of her finest efforts in the series. 

8. Lot 24: FD-17-OP-2 8.0

This is the OP-2 silver version which is much tougher to find than the OP-1 gold. 8.0 is a really sweet grade for a cost-conscious buyer. This incredible, early Avalon Ballroom poster was created by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse, two of the most legendary artists of the era. The FD-17 is universally recognized as one of the most stunning posters in the entire Family Dog series. 

9. Lot 29: AOR-4.106-OP-1 9.8

This is the first of this issue that we’ve sold or even seen! This poster was produced for Fiesta Campesina, an event held at Spartan Stadium at San Jose State College in July 1971 as a benefit concert for farmworkers. Performers included Joan Baez, the Steve Miller Band, Bola Sete, and more. This example is in SUPERB, museum-quality condition! 

10. Lot 91: BG-25-RP-3 9.4

This is one of the finest Wes Wilson/Herb Greene collaborations.The captivating Herb Greene photo of a doe-eyed Grace Slick (then a member of Great Society) is the centerpiece of this poster; the fabulous lettering of artist Wes Wilson surrounds her. Why are we talking about a reprint? This poster is so popular that OP-1 examples are almost impossible to find. In terms of art and scarcity, we think this is a smart buy!


Our February CGC Auction will close on Thursday, March 2nd at 9:00 pm eastern time. Don't forget to REGISTER TO BID on our new auction site! For more information about the new site, read our recent blog post. To enter the auction, CLICK HERE!


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