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Unveiling a Time Capsule: The 1969 New Riders of the Purple Sage San Jose State Poster

Unveiling a Time Capsule: The 1969 New Riders of the Purple Sage San Jose State Poster

In the realm of Grateful Dead history, there's a thrilling discovery that promises to captivate the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike. Psychedelic Art Exchange proudly presents a never-before-seen gem: the 1969 New Riders of the Purple Sage San Jose State College Student Union Ballroom Poster.

This poster isn't just a piece of history; it's a time capsule, a glimpse into the earliest days of the New Riders. Born as an outlet for Jerry Garcia to explore the enchanting tones of his Pedal Steel Guitar, the New Riders embarked on a musical journey that would secure their place as creators of country rock. This rare artifact, with its captivating design, showcases the band's unique interpretation of the American Cowboy myth through the eyes of the California Hippie.

The New Riders' formation in 1969, featuring Jerry Garcia on pedal steel, John "Marmaduke" Dawson, and later joined by David Nelson, marked the genesis of a musical phenomenon. Early shows, often graced by the presence of Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart from the Dead, unfolded in intimate venues like the San Jose State University Student Union.

Printed as an offset lithograph, likely crafted at the college art department, this poster is a testament to the modest nature of its origins. With possibly as few as 50 copies printed, it was a local promotion for a show that didn't require a massive distribution. Yet, this particular piece, practically flawless and saved by accident, is now part of the PAE Mega Sale.

Unearthed from a long-held private collection, which also revealed the '69 Grateful Dead Halloween poster, this discovery is a momentous occasion for collectors. The details weave a rich narrative around a piece that goes beyond being a mere concert poster.


Beyond Details: The Essence of Cowboy Jerry

More than a visual delight, this poster tells a story—a story of Cowboy Jerry astride a horse, rifle in hand, and guitar slung on his back, all bathed in glorious shades of purple. It's an image that transcends time, a fusion of musicality, artistic expression, and a touch of the Wild West. For collectors, it's a treasure trove, a piece worth losing sleep over, fully aware that such opportunities are rare, and guarantees of another copy surfacing are uncertain.

As this poster takes center stage in the PAE Mega Sale, it beckons collectors and Grateful Dead enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a piece of history that's not just an artifact but a portal to the bygone era of musical exploration, creativity, and the spirit of the California Hippie. A discovery like this is a celebration of the ever-evolving narrative of rock history, and it invites all those obsessed with the culture to become a part of its story.
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