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More MAJOR Poster News!


BREAKING! Variety Magazine has reported that a major feature film on legendary concert promoter Bill Graham is currently under development. The film will be based on the book, Bill Graham: My Life Inside Rock and Out.

Readers of this blog know that Bill Graham’s Fillmore Posters have always been considered the bluest of the Blue Chip 1960’s collectibles and the release of this movie, along with the Bill Graham Exhibit that is currently criss-crossing the nation at major art museums, could send demand into overdrive.

Remember, under 2500 posters were issued (in many cases, much less!) of many of Graham’s early shows. Most experts estimate that probably 10% of these (250) exist in ANY condition, and that just 5-10% of those that do exist (12-25) have been preserved in undamaged condition over the ensuing 50 years.

One thing is for sure, if you have holes in your collection that you are looking to fill, there is no time like the present to acquire the pieces you desire while prices are still just 5% of what coin, stamps, baseball cards and comics bring of comparable rarity and desirability.

To read more about the Bill Graham feature film, click here!

In further news, Wes Wilson, one of the “Big Five” and the most prolific artist to design Graham’s posters, was recently featured in a nationwide interview on NPR radio. Every day the world is bestowing more recognition on the historical importance and desirability of these rare works of art. It’s truly an amazing time to be a collector!

To listen to Wes’ NPR interview, click here!


1960’s Rock Posters Take Center Stage!


We are pleased to report that vintage 1960’s Rock Concert Posters are once again attracting major interest and recognition on the World’s largest stage.

First, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is displaying posters in a year long exhibit that focuses on art of the 1960’s. This is incredible on so many levels:

1) 1960’s Concert Posters are being featured in the most important city in the world.

2) The exhibit is taking place at one of the most respected museums in the world.

3) These posters will be seen and exposed to literally millions of visitors of the museum throughout the year.

4) The exhibit is receiving worldwide press exposure.

5) Our beloved 1960’s Concert Posters are being recognized as LEGITIMATE ART of HUGE HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE!

If you are anywhere near the New York City area, we urge you to visit the museum so you can see the incredible strides this artwork has made in recent years!

Secondly, The Bill Graham Exhibit, that we previously reported on when it opened in Los Angels last year, has moved to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

We recently had the privilege of seeing the San Francisco exhibit and was delighted to see close to 100 visitors admiring the exhibit, mid- day, on a Tuesday afternoon! If you are anywhere near San Francisco, we urge you to hurry and see the exhibit before it closes on July 5, 2016.

The importance of these two exhibitions cannot be overstated! While the posters we all know and love are being recognized as major pieces of important artwork, they are still bringing basically flea market prices. Make no mistake about it, this is the time to build your collection, while prices are still less than 5% of what other collectibles of comparable rarity and historical importance are worth.

To read more about the MOMA exhibit, click here!
To read more about the Bill Graham exhibit, click here!

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Concert Posters are a Different Kind of Paper Asset!


As I write this, the Brexit vote has shocked the financial world and stocks markets are crashing all around the globe, driven by fear. As this is happening, one sector of the market is not just holding it’s own, it’s exploding upward – Gold and other tangible assets!


Make no mistake about it, this is one of the best reasons to own tangible assets. People understand that stocks are just a commodity item, that can be bought and sold in any quantity, at any moment of the day, with the touch of a button.

In contrast, Rare Vintage Concert posters are all but impossible to find, and the tiny available supply does not come close to meeting the growing demand. These incredible artworks are a solid store of value and the appreciation of their historical and aesthetic significance continues to grow with each passing year.

It’s no secret that for the vast majority of investors, their best investment is their home.

Why is this the case? The answer is simple.

You can’t get a quote or your home on a weekly, daily or hourly basis. You don’t decide to pick up and move one morning, based on what the newspaper says that day. You live in your home for a long period of time and your decision to sell is not based on emotion, but on common sense and what your long term life goals are.

The same goes for posters. These are pieces of art that are meant to be loved and lived with for a long period of time. While you are enjoying them, it’s satisfying to know that their desirability and importance continues to increase.

So you the choice is yours, what will it be?
Will you decide to replace fear with love and beauty?
Vintage Concert Posters give you the opportunity to do just that!

Concert Poster Movies and Art Shows


If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you are well aware of the growing recognition and reporting about 1960’s Concert posters within mainstream society. I would like to highly recommend a documentary that came out in 2009 but is even more relevant today than ever. This is “American Artifact – The Rise of American Rock Poster Art.

This documentary is really well produced and highly informative and entertaining. The film traces this incredible art from it’s birth in the 1960’s, right up to the present day. Literally dozens of artists are interviewed, and you get a wonderful sense of “being there back in the day”. Of course, the artwork is truly breathtaking as well.

I have repeated ad nauseam, that if you expect to have any success in a collectible area, you MUST invest the time and money to acquire all the relevant information available. This DVD, available at Amazon for a little over 10 bucks, is no exception. Order it right now, while it’s fresh in your mind—

Here’s the link

This summer we urged you to see the Bill Graham exhibit at the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, Ca. Many of our readers took our advise and the reviews we received were unanimously excellent.

Great News!

It has just been officially announced that the exhibit will move to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco from March 10- June 12, 2016. The exhibit will then make stops in Chicago, Cleveland, and New York, dates to be announced. This is one exhibit you don’t ant to miss! Here’s a link to the story:


50th Anniversary of The First Acid Test and shocking news from the Grateful Dead Archives!


Fifty years ago, on November 27, 1965 the Merry Pranksters conducted the first Acid Test at Ken Babb’s place in Santa Cruz, California. This event served as the catalyst for tectonic shifts in American music…culture…and just about everything else!


The bottom line is that the historical significance of the Acid Tests of this era simply cannot be overestimated. So it is for very good reasons indeed that all posters, handbills and other ephemera from these events are among the most desirable of all 1960’s collectibles. Because these items are the artifacts of a scene and a movement in it’s embryonic stages, precious little of it was produced at the time and even less survives today. It goes without saying that the addition of any Acid Test material automatically catapults a collection into the category of World Class.

The well known collectibles journalist Ben Marks published a phenomenal article on the Acid Tests, and the early days of the Grateful Dead, in commemoration of this 50th Anniversary. It is highly recommended that anyone with even a passing interest in 1960’s concert posters should read Ben’s article….TWICE!!

Here’s the link:

While compiling the research, Ben blew the lid off an amazing revelation that is not commonly understood. Nicholas Meriweather, is the official archivist for the Grateful Dead at the McHenry Library at the University of California, Santa Cruz. In the article, Meriweather is quoted as saying, “the archive doesn’t really start until 1970, because the band didn’t incorporate until that year. We’ve got a few things from before then, but precious little. Nothing would please me more than to be able to say ‘come on down, and I’ll show you my Acid Test trove. Sadly, I don’t have one!

This to me, is an amazing statement and simply reinforces how privileged all of us are to be participating in this hobby at this moment in time. As collectors, it’s easy to become jaded about the availability and desirability of a collectible that you work with on a daily basis. But when the chief Grateful Dead archivist tells you he has precious little pre-1970 material, that is a statement that needs to be fully digested and considered for all it’s vast implications. I will leave it to each reader of this blog to come to your own conclusions, but this simply strengthens my belief that pre 1970 concert memorabilia is the number one collectibles opportunity in the world today.

I highly encourage you to read Ben’s article ASAP, here, again, is the link: