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NEW Auction From PAE: T-Shirts and Concert Apparel As Collectibles

NEW Auction From PAE: T-Shirts and Concert Apparel As Collectibles

This T-shirt auction we are currently running is a fun diversion from our usual poster habit and honestly, it was a joy to catalog. Going through the process flooded my memory with images from 40+ years ago, reminding me of the incredible journey I've had in the world of live music.

Next week I will hit the daunting milestone of 60 years on this planet..  Music has been an inseparable part of my experience as long as I can remember, a faithful companion to share the ride on this journey. Since the age of 14, I've attended well over 3000 live music events, and my love for music clearly merged with my passion for collectibles. It all started with a record at the tender age of 9, and as my musical atmosphere expanded, so did the physical objects that fell into that orbit. From records to books, ticket stubs, T-shirts, and of course posters.

I remember buying my first concert T-shirt back in 1977, unknowingly starting a new collection. Just like the posters, the  T-shirt obsession grew organically.  Over the years, I've collected countless shirts, each one serving as a connection to my personal musical history.

However, much like that iconic Star Trek episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles," these shirts seemed to multiply and eventually take over. The collector demon always seems to win out over practicality. It starts out with a dresser drawer… Well, then maybe just a tote or two… and then before you know it there’s that little storage unit down the street with a small monthly fee.

So now is the time to free the T’s. In an effort to find new homes old memories and see if this vintage apparel has interest to our subscribers, we are excited to introduce the inaugural PAE Vintage Apparel Auction. This sale offers a curated selection from my personal stash, as well as contributions from other hopeless savers of concert memorabilia. 

As we kick off this auction, I invite you to join in the excitement as we explore this new avenue in our world.. Happy bidding!


Here are some lots we think you should keep your eyes on:


1. Lot 1: 1978 Closing of Winterland Official T-Shirt

2. Lot 89: Original Tupac Shakur Death Row Records Promotional Snapback Baseball Cap

3. Lot 5: 1977 Fleetwood Mac Rumours Original Vintage Warner Brothers Official Promo T-shirt Size S

4. Lot 4: 1977 Dead Boys Original Promotional T-Shirt Size S

5. Lot 29: 1990 Grateful Dead Official New York City Tie Dye Size Large NEW!


For more information about this auction, check out our latest video blog on YouTube!


The Summer Vintage T-Shirt Spectacular closes on Monday, July 31st! Lots begin to close at 9:00 pm Eastern time. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!



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