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Sacramento State to Exhibit Major 1960's Vintage Concert Poster Collection!

Major museum exhibits of Vintage Concert Posters continue to flourish across the nation.

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Last month the collectibles world received the exciting news that a massive collection of 3,000 vintage concert posters from the 1960’s to present was donated to Sacramento State University. The collection, includes vintage posters of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, The Kinks and hundreds of other musical legends.

The collection was assembled and donated by Dennis Newhall, a Sacramento native. “This is a story about the venues, the poster artists, the pioneering radio stations that brought rock to Sacramento, and the rock bands that played here,” explained Newhall.

Plans are being drawn up to exhibit the posters in multiple locations around the city.

“This is a very focused popular culture collection,” remarked James Fox of Sacramento State. “We can learn as much about ourselves from popular culture as we can by reading Shakespeare or Freud or whoever.”

This announcement is just the latest of several recent exhibits featuring Vintage Concert posters in major museums across the country.

The fact that we, as collectors, can still acquire 50 year Vintage Concert Posters in Museum Quality condition for just a few hundred dollars — that hang in major art museums across the country— explains why many experienced collectors are so excited about the opportunities available in today’s marketplace.

Stay tuned for more information on this exhibit in coming months!

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