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Record-Breaking Sales: The Spectacular Spring CGC Sale!

Record-Breaking Sales: The Spectacular Spring CGC Sale!

Another Psychedelic Art Exchange CGC auction has closed and set new PAE records! Here are some of the lots that broke new PAE sales records along with other sales that we think are worth noting. With certified concert posters breaking records every day, it's great to stay on top of which posters are rising in popularity so you know what to look out for in future auctions!

Record-Breaking Sales

Lot 1: BG-8-OP-1. 1966 Andy Warhol, Velvet Underground, and The Mothers at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco designed by Wes Wilson. CGC graded 9.8. This was the highest CGC graded copy of this poster to ever appear in one of our auctions! FINAL PRICE: 28,800*

Lot 10: BG-186-OP-1. The Doors at Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1969 designed by Randy Tuten and signed by band member Ray Manzarek! CGC graded 9.6. FINAL PRICE: $14,400*

Lot 13: AOR-2.227-OP-1. The MC5 at the Straight Theater in 1969 in San Francisco designed by Gary Grimshaw. CGC graded 7.5. FINAL PRICE: $1,020*

Lot 140: FD-78-OP-1. Steve Miller Blues Band at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco in 1967 designed by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley. CGC graded 9.9! A 9.8 graded copy broke a sales record in our February CGC auction, and this copy has broken the record yet again! This poster appears to be gaining value and popularity. FINAL PRICE: $6,000*

Other Notable Sales

Lot 2: AOR-1.104-OHB-A. Bob Dylan at Island Garden in Long Island, NY in 1966. CGC graded 6.0. This was the FIRST example of this long lost handbill to ever appear in a public auction! FINAL PRICE: $2,520*

Lot 9: VG-14-OP-1. Shiva’s Headband at the Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, Texas in 1968 designed by Carolyn Wittlif. CGC graded 4.0. This was the first CGC graded example of this poster that has appeared in one of our auctions! Despite the low CGC grade, this piece still performed well due to its scarcity and beautiful design. FINAL PRICE: $4,500*

Lot 14: AOR-3.29-OP-1. The Grateful Dead at Kings Beach Bowl in Lake Tahoe in 1968 designed by Bob Fried. CGC graded 9.6. This poster just broke a sales record in our February CGC auction, and this copy tied that record! Clearly this piece is growing in popularity. FINAL PRICE: $3,300*

Lot 89: NR-18-OP-1. San Francisco Art Institute Graduate Printmaking Program poster from 1967 designed by Victor Moscoso. This was the FIRST TIME we have offered this Neon Rose set breaker in one of our auctions. This extremely rare piece was never reprinted! CGC graded 5.5. FINAL PRICE: $3,300*

We are always welcoming new consignors here at Psychedelic Art Exchange! If you’re looking to sell your vintage concert posters, PAE is the place to do it. With the concert poster market on the rise, now is a great time to get started. Check out the information we’ve provided about consigning with us, and contact us when you are ready!

*Final price includes 20% buyers premium

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