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Rare Grateful Dead Troupers Club Concert Poster Designed by 1960's Counterculture Icon Owsley Stanley to be Auctioned by Psychedelic Art Exchange

Famed LSD Imprresario Tim Scully has owned the poster for over 51 years.


An ultra rare Grateful Dead concert poster designed by 1960's counterculture icon Owsley Stanley, is being auctioned April 27, 2017 by Psychedelic Art Exchange. The poster was created for a March 25, 1966 Grateful Dead Concert held at The Troupers Club in Los Angeles, California. This specimen was previously unknown to the collectibles world, and is one of just 4-5 copies known to exist.

The consigner of the poster is famed LSD impresario Tim Scully, who has owned the poster for the past 51 years. Scully is the subject of the recently released and critically praised documentary, The Sunshine Makers. The Sunshine Makers is the story of Tim Scully and Nick Sand, the unlikely duo that found themselves at the center of the 1960's American drug counterculture.

The winning bidder in the auction will also get the opportunity to meet Tim Scully and learn all the details about his time with The Grateful Dead, Owsley Stanley, and his experience as one of history’s central figures in the manufacture of LSD.

"This is much more than just a concert poster," explained Glen Trosch of Psychedelic Art Exchange. "The story of this poster, who designed it, who owned it, and the LSD labs it visited, sounds like a movie, which it actually is. Collectors are telling us they're really excited!"

To learn more about the auction, which also features over 50 other 1960's concert posters, visit

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