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PAE Hits The Road!

We are excited to announce that we will be hitting the road over the coming days and weeks so that we can meet and do business with our clients face to face.


Our first stop will be The Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Show September 8, 9, and 10th, where we will have a table to buy and sell 1960’s posters. Our purpose for attending this show is several fold. First, we hope to meet with our friends and clients in Southern California. If you are in the area, please plan on stopping by. If you have posters to sell, we will be able to offer you immediate payment on the spot. If you are looking to buy, we will have a wide variety of the finest quality inventory available anywhere in the world. If you have a large collection you wish to sell, please let us know NOW, and we will make arrangements to come to you! In any event, if you are anywhere near the Lon Angeles area, we hope to connect with you next week!

Our second reason for attending the show is that we have had an outpouring of inquiries about Vintage Rock posters from our longstanding friends and relationships within the professional collectibles community, ie dealers. These dealers understand the major significance of the introduction of independent, third party CGC Grading within our hobby and want in, in BIG WAY.

These dealers have witnessed first hand the dramatic effects of increased demand, liquidity and prices that third party grading has brought to coins, paper money, baseball cards and comics and they want to participate in this new and exciting emerging market. Many have told us they believe that posters have MORE POTENTIAL than any of these other collectibles due to their beauty and ability to display, the massive popularity of the legendary bands, their historical significance, the minuscule production numbers, their extreme rarity Museum Quality condition, and ridiculously cheap prices. Many have already asked us for “first shot” at whatever we are bringing, so if there is something in particular YOU are looking for, please let us know in advance so we can hold it back if we have the item available.

The second stop we will be making is to the annual Festival of Rock Posters on October 22 in San Francisco. This event is the premier Rock Poster show of the year and is put on by The Rock Poster Society. (TRPS). If you are anywhere near the San Francisco area, of frankly, anywhere west of the Mississippi, we highly encourage you to attend this event. Again, we will be in San Francisco to both buy and sell, and if you have a large collection you wish to offer us, please let us know NOW, so we can make separate plans to come to YOU. Also, as we have said many times before, we highly recommend that all collectors become members of TRPS.

With all of the excitement that is currently brewing in our marketplace now, we look forward to meeting with you in person in the coming days so that we can discuss a personal plan to achieve your collecting goals!

For details on The Long Beach Coin and Collectibles show, click here!

For details on the Festival of Rock Posters, click here!

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