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Oddities and Rarities: 12 Uncommon Items in our Holiday Mega Sale!

Oddities and Rarities: 12 Uncommon Items in our Holiday Mega Sale!

Our annual Holiday Mega Sale concert poster auction is underway here at Psychedelic Art Exchange! This auction features a number of uncommon rarities that seldom turn up for public auction. Here are 12 items that you'll want to keep your eye on!

1. 1969 Woodstock Fest Bus Sign Original Cardboard Poster

This Woodstock Festival is one of those historical focal points that can conveniently sum up an entire movement in a word. The complexity of the 1960s/Rock and Roll counter culture can be tied up with a bow recorded for history as the Woodstock Generation. This item is truly one of the best relics left in the wake of the festival.These heavy cardboard signs were created in 1969 to be inserted into metal frames that were mounted on the side of the New York City Mass Transit Buses. The signs were displayed for a few weeks and assuredly most copies were disposed of. These signs are huge. Almost 44" and very few survived their original purpose. We look for this piece to attract the top bidders in the pop culture collectibles universe and music freaks alike . The condition is as good as it gets. We auctioned this for $9600 in 2018, by today's standards that seems like an incredible bargain. In today's collectible world with daily headlines reporting insane record prices for comics and sports cards, one should easily be able to see the potential for this poster. This piece is far scarcer than the Woodstock poster that is reasonably common and routinely sells for $3000 plus.

2. 1973 R Crumb Please Warm My Weiner Original Poster

This humorous R. Crumb piece originally appeared on the cover for a 1973 album released by Yazoo records. The record was a bawdy and vaudeville-inspired songs from the twenties and thirties. A very unusual piece!

3. 1969 Grateful Dead Rose Palace Original Handbill

This rare handbill from May 1969 advertises a weekend of shows at Rose Palace in Pasadena. The main attraction was the filmed performance of Cream's final show at Royal Albert Hall, followed by performances by Santana, The Grateful Dead, and Kaleidoscope. This is a handbill that rarely surfaces for public auction, and a great early piece of Grateful Dead material!

4. 1969 Grateful Dead Convention Center Original Handbill

We are pleased to present this early, rare Grateful Dead handbill for the FIRST time in our auction! This attractive piece was created to advertise The Grateful Dead's June 1969 performance at the Convention Center Arena in Fresno, California. Aum and Sanpaku played as support. This handbill rarely surfaces at all, and remains in shockingly good condition! This was quite early in the Dead's career, a few months before they would release their first live album, "Live/Dead". What a treasure!

5. 1980 Grateful Dead Grand Rapids Original Poster

This is the FIRST time this Grateful Dead poster from 1980 is appearing in our auction! This piece advertises the Dead appearing at Grand Center in Grand Rapids, MI on August 24th, 1980. Though it may not be the most visually exciting piece, it is absolutely a rare one!

6. 1979 Beach Boys Blondie Rush Comiskey Park Poster

This poster advertises the 1979 Chicago Jam festival. The diverse lineup included the likes of the Beach Boys, Rush, Foghat, and Blondie! The two day event raised money for UNICEF in celebration of the year of the child. A great poster!

7. 1962 Josh White Hunter College Original Handbill

Appearing for the FIRST time in our auction, we have this handbill featuring blues singer Josh White! The piece advertises White's appearance at Hunter College in New York on November 24th,1964. The event is billed as White's only NY appearance. On this copy, the year is handwritten in pencil. A great piece of early 1960s music memorabilia!

8. 1967 Greg Irons Grass Original Headshop Poster

Artist Greg Irons was one of the great-unsung heroes of the 1960s psychedelic art scene. Irons was a master underground comix, poster, and tattoo artist. His style was perfect for each of those mediums and this poster shines with beauty. This piece is simple and great looking!

9. 1972 Spirit Dr John Mobile Municipal Original Poster

Here we have a VERY RARE poster from 1972 featuring Randy California's Spirit, Blue Oyster Cult, AND Dr. John! The three groups played at the Municipal Auditorium in Mobile, Alabama on July 20th, 1972. The poster features a substantial amount of handwritten lettering, which appears to have been added after its printing. This is a truly uncommon poster that is unlikely to appear for auction again anytime soon!

10. 1983 Circle Jerks Misfits Goleta Valley Original Flyer

This flyer advertises a show headlined by 1980s hardcore band, The Circle Jerks. Angry Somoans, Youth Brigade, and The Tourists were scheduled as support. However, at the last minute, the Misfits were also added to the bill! The band's addition led to their name being stamped onto the flyers that had already been printed!

11. 1989 Psychedelic Solution ZAP Comix Signed Proof Poster

This rare item is SIGNED by Jacaeber Kastor gallery owner (next to image of him). 2 sided. Psychedelic Solution PS30 Artist's Collaboration Poster plus 2 sizes of 2 different cards, with various backings. What an uncommon treasure!

12. 1968 Big Brother Janis Joplin Generation Club Handbill

Original April 1968 Calendar handbill for the Generation Club in New York featuring Big Brother with Janis Joplin, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Sly & the Family Stone, Youngbloods. The Generation Club at 84 W 8th Street held incredible concerts in the mid-late 60s until Jimi Hendrix purchased it to soon construct Electric Lady Studios.

Lots in our Holiday Mega Sale begin to close on Thursday, December 16th at 9:00 pm eastern time. Enter the auction HERE!

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