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Maximum Plunder - The Poster Art of Mike King, to be Reprinted!

Maximum Plunder - The Poster Art of Mike King, to be Reprinted!

Collectors of Pacific Northwest concert posters are rejoicing over the news that Maximum Plunder - The Poster Art of Mike King, is about to be reprinted.

Mike King is widely regarded by many collectors to be the most important concert poster artist of his era. Like the most popular artworks by Andy Warhol, King produced super smart work that brilliantly references Popular Culture.

Originally published in 2016, Maximum Plunder – The Poster Art of Mike King, is a retrospective book of Mike King’s work, featuring over 1000 posters. The volume was an instant sell out and today is an impossible to find, highly sought after collectible itself.

The news of this reprint has the following critical implications for collectors of vintage concert posters:

1) Experienced collectors know that information is what drives the growth of any collectibles market. There has been an insatiable collector demand for any information regarding Pacific Northwest concert posters from the highly coveted and historically important era focused around 1985-1995.

This is why Maximum Plunder currently trades amongst collectors for multiples of its' Original Cover Price of $100 ... if you can find one!

2) With increased exposure, comes increased collector demand.

Because most Pacific Northwest concert posters were created in tiny quantities of under 500, most collectors have never seen ... nor have any idea ... of what is is possibly "out there" to collect.

Maximum Plunder will serve as both a reference and "check list" that will spur collectors to go out and begin their hunt!

3) The time to build an affordable collection is NOW!

When a huge increase in collector demand starts chasing a tiny fixed supply, rising prices are for better or worse, an inevitable result.

This means that NOW is your best chance to build an affordable collection of these historically important, mind-blowing works of art!

4) We've seen this movie before.

Readers of this blog are quite familiar with the progression outlined above. No one can argue that the publication of The Art of Rock and Eric King's Collector's Guide to Psychedelic Concert Posters are directly responsible for exploding collector demand of the posters highlighted within.

In more recent times, we have alerted collectors to understand that the publication of Armadillo World Headquarters by Eddie Wilson in 2017 and Homegrown by Alan Schaefer in 2015, would lead to an explosion in collector demand and prices for Texas concert posters. And, that's exactly what happened.

We don't have a crystal ball, and can't predict the future. But, if the past is any guide, there will never be a better time to affordably collect concert posters from the Pacific Northwest than RIGHT NOW.

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