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Introducing Our New Mega Sale Format!

Introducing Our New Mega Sale Format!

Presenting monthly Psychedelic Art Exchange auctions in a bidder-friendly environment is an ever-evolving process. Emerging markets don’t necessarily provide a clear roadmap or off-the-shelf software solutions for a business such as ours, and much of what we’ve created had no previous model. We have borrowed from existing systems and then modified our auction to fit them. 

Auction companies such as PAE must give equal attention to both buyers' and consignors' needs. To achieve a reasonable balance between those forces we are occasionally required to modify our auction processes. Our recent move to new auction software was significant and necessary. 

Now, in order to provide auctions that are easier to digest and fulfill, we will be ending our monthly mega auction in themed segments. Initially, the auction will be divided chronologically with plans to drill down further to highlight specific collecting interests or themes.

This will allow PAE to continue to offer the rock poster-collecting community more options.

Beginning with our April Mega sale, the auction will be split into two closing sessions on two consecutive evenings. Both sessions will be open for bidding with the initial auction announcement.

Links to both sessions are posted on  and bidding is open for both sessions.

Each session will be invoiced individually.

The April Mega Sale will close as follows:

Session 1 Ending Sunday, Apr 23, 2023- 7 pm EST, Vintage Concert Posters  1940-1980

Session 2 Ending Monday, Apr 24, 2023- 9 pm EST, Modern Concert Posters 1980-Present

Please note that you must register separately for each of these auctions with your account. To see both auctions, scroll down on the main auction site.

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