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In The Snow--With Joe!

We're glad to be back posting this blog. Whenever you see a pause in our postings you can be certain the reason is we're too busy to post, as there is never a shortage of news to report on here at Psychedelic Art Exchange!

In the coming couple of weeks we will have a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT that is sure to be of interest to all collectors of Classic 1960's Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters. This new project has been directly responsible for the dearth of correspondence in recent weeks. Check back here often in the coming days as we will be working hard to "play catch up" and will be putting up frequent posts to bring everyone up to date on this fast evolving market!

First off, about three weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time with poster collector extraordinaire, Mr. Joe Armstrong. Joe is universally recognized as one of the most knowledgeable poster collectors in the world. Joe began collecting for fun during his college days in the Sixties, and has been a major force in the marketplace since the early Nineties. Joe's collection has to rank, without a doubt, as one of the very finest in the world.

Besides extensive expertise, Joe is a genuinely nice guy who is never too busy to answer questions or impart advise. I highly recommend you visit his site, Joe and I met on the slopes here at Park City where we ripped it up going down the mountain and had a chance to discuss all things "Psychedelic" on the chair lifts up!

Joe agreed that there are two major trends happening in the marketplace right now. First, prices are continuing to steadily rise. When following the collectibles market, price information is harder to come by. Unlike stocks and commodities, you can't get an hourly or daily price quote. This means that on the surface, it may appear that nothing is happening, but when you realize as Joe pointed out that Mint Condition FD26's (now $15000-20,000) used to trade for $1000-$1500 in the early nineties, the long term price performance of the best pieces in the best condition is simply staggering.

Secondly, Joe reiterated that he sees a definite shift of focus among collectors. Collectors are aggressively seeking out the few remaining posters that have somehow survived in Mint Condition. Collectors are willing to pay "whatever it takes" for the best quality material while posters with pinholes and other signs of damage that sold quickly in years past are now becoming more difficult to unload.

At Psychedelic Art Exchange we saw this trend coming from miles away and have always advised our clients to acquire the finest quality pieces they could locate and afford. There will always be a market for the cream of the crop, while run of the mill will always and forever elicit yawns. The choice is yours, but always remember, the Trend is Your Friend!

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