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How to Get Free Appraisals for Your Vintage Concert Posters

Appraisal concept.

Every day we receive calls from people around the world, asking us what their vintage concert posters and handbills are worth. There are so many varied answers to this question, depending on the information the collector is seeking. So, let's start at the beginning!

First, it should be understood that with every collectible, the condition is the primary determinant of value. The same poster can be worth wildly different amounts. A rare poster with multiple tears and pinholes can be worth $1,000. The same poster could be worth $10,000 if it is in flawless museum quality condition.

This situation becomes even more complicated at the higher end of the quality spectrum. A rare poster that has a single flaw, like a tiny pinhole or 1/4 inch tear, could be worth $3,000. The same poster would be worth $10,000 without that flaw.

This means that all vintage concert posters and handbills have to be inspected by an expert in person to get a meaningful valuation.

Secondly, there are several different valuations that can be ascertained. For example, there is "Book Value," which can be determined by past sales data. Book Value tells the collector what the poster has traded for in the past. This number can be a guide for the collector, but Book Value still has it's limitations.

If a poster sells at auction for $2,000, the collector must understand that there are fees involved in selling. The consigner of the poster would have only received $1500 - $1600 total for the poster. This is after having waited several weeks or months for the auction to be conducted, and the money to be collected. While this is not that big of a deal when it comes to a single poster, the selling fee deduction can quickly add up with a more extensive collection.

The $2,000 gross number pertains to a sale that has already occurred in the past. Market conditions are fluid enough that this same poster could receive $1,500 or $2,500 the next time it's put up for auction.

While past auction data is an excellent base for valuation information, it does not tell the collector what they can definitely receive for their posters right now, TODAY.

The second type of valuation is often referred to as an "Insurance Appraisal or Valuation." This type of valuation refers to what it would cost to replace a vintage concert poster if it was lost or stolen.

An Insurance Appraisal has the same challenges a Book Value appraisal, only in reverse. A poster in your collection that brought $2,000 in a past auction doesn't guarantee it will be replaced for that amount. In many cases, vintage concert posters and handbills are so rare, that it can be several years before another one becomes available for purchase, in equal condition. It's anyone's guess when, where, and for how much that poster would cost you to replace!

Even more complicated are unique, one of a kind rarities. These pieces are literally priceless, as they only trade when a willing seller and a willing buyer agree amongst themselves on the valuation of the item. This value will be determined based on those two people's collective knowledge and needs—and very little else!

Lastly, there is the notion of "Real World Market Value" of concert posters and handbills. This value is the value that most of the callers we receive are interested in determining. "Real World Market Value" is the actual amount of cash that a poster can be sold for right now.

This is not a theoretical number or past sale of another poster, but the actual amount that poster can be sold for today. It is also, not surprisingly, the number most relevant to the majority of callers we hear from on a daily basis.

Psychedelic Art Exchange is pleased to provide all collectors with a totally FREE, Real World Market Valuation of each and every vintage concert poster and handbill in their collection. Even more exciting, we guarantee that you will receive your valuation in 24 hours!

Here's how it works:

Contact us to request your free appraisal. We will ARRANGE AND PAY ALL SHIPPING COSTS to have your posters sent to our gallery in Baltimore, MD. Of course, if you are in the mid-Atlantic region, you may also arrange to visit us in person.

We will inspect the condition of your material and guarantee to provide you with a Real World Market Valuation of your vintage concert posters and handbills within 24 hours of receipt. Please understand, this will not be a theoretical valuation or guess. It will be the actual amount you can turn your posters into cash, IMMEDIATELY. If you are looking to sell, this is the only number that really matters.

The valuation you receive will be based on our 75 years of collectibles experience combined with the extensive "Want Lists" of our worldwide clientele and the current market price on the very day we receive your posters. If you wish to sell your collection based on your valuation, you will receive funds that will be FedExed or wired to you the very same day. Again, GUARANTEED! If you don't wish to sell, we guarantee to return your items to you the SAME DAY, by FedEx AT OUR COST.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the most generous offer available in collectible's market today. We will provide you with a detailed, full appraisal of your vintage concert posters and handbills, ABSOLUTELY FREE. We will also pay your shipping costs, BOTH WAYS. And we guarantee to do all this in 24 hours!

Why do we do this?

Because the tiny supply of surviving vintage concert posters does not come close to meeting the current demands of our clientele, we are in constant need of quality material, and finding sellers of these posters is FAR more challenging for us than finding buyers. So it makes good business sense for us, and it makes good business sense for you if you want to find out what your collection is worth.

So don't delay, contact us TODAY to receive a FREE real market valuation of your vintage concert posters and handbills. You have everything to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose!

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