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Glen's Picks: April Mega Sale

What's special about the April Mega Sale?

This is another level auction for us. We generally put most of our effort into offering the best concert posters possible, but the mega sale lends itself to bringing in a more diverse selection of music ephemera. In this sale, we’re offering a number of mind blowing autographed items., Autographs are not something that we specialize in because they require a deeper level of authentication that is quite specialized. However, the consignment that included these autographs is beyond scrutiny. It’s without doubt authentic, everything fits together nicely. The provenance is excellent, the source is solid and the material itself reeks of authenticity. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be touching this stuff because it’s not our area of expertise. But, this consignment was beyond reproach.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the auction?

Let’s talk about photography for a minute. First of all, we have this amazing photograph by Astrid Kirchherr, lot #5, that is a big, early Beatles photograph. It’s a super great work of art. Then we have an early Grateful Dead photograph by Herb Green, lot #20. Very cool, original pieces!

The Moscoso signed art, lot #6, is in my opinion, the most beautiful piece of art in the whole auction.

We have a beautiful collection of John Van Hamersveld posters, lots 37-42, in top condition and really hang together well.

Lot #1 is one of the best pieces of original art that we’ve had the privilege to sell. This is one of my personal favorite Lee Conklin works. It advertises Jeff Beck, who is arguably one of the top 5 greatest guitarist of all time. Interestingly, one can truly appreciate the intricacy of Conklin's pen and ink work much more without the color . This lot presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With comic book art selling at the level it does nowadays, original concert poster art has to be one of the best opportunities in both collectibles AND in art!

There are a couple of hot Grateful Dead pieces that are obviously worthy of attention, like the ‘77 Evans Fieldhouse, lot #8, and the Harmon Gym poster, lot #3. The Harmon Gym poster is an incredibly early Dead poster, and it’s a super important piece.

Again, we have a number of items in this auction that feature authentic autographs, including lot #4, the 1969 Led Zeppelin Atlantic Records press kit. This lot is absolutely amazing. The provenance is so strong. Zeppelin would become larger than life in just a few years.

Lot #2, the Hendrix poster did really well in our sale last time we offered it! This is a really rare, amazing poster.

Lot #11, the Martin Sharp Dylan poster is in practically pristine condition. The flaws on it are almost invisible.

Which posters in this auction might be sleepers but should not be overlooked?

Lot #10, the poster for The Band in Tuscaloosa in 1970 is one of my favorites in this auction. It doesn’t appear to have ever been sold in a public auction before!

This amazing Jethro Tull poster, lot #136, is definitely a sleeper. This one is a big deal! The colors and artwork alone are great. And with Captain Beefheart in support! This is a unique and beautiful poster.

The Mojo Navigators, lots #24, 25, 26, and 27 are great. Mojo Navigator was one of the first fan-made music zines. They were published in San Francisco in 1966 and 1967. These are amazing pieces of history!

This 1991 Red Hot Chili Peppers Poster, lot #236, is HOT! It's from a gig that Nirvana and Pearl Jam also played, although they are not listed on the poster.

We have two Tool posters, lots #245 and #257 which I have high hopes for! We haven't had too many Tool posters in past sales before.

This giant Warfield poster, lot #234. is amazing! It’s a big, authentic bill that was never pasted up. It’s got Garcia and Grisman, Nine Inch Nails, Primus… . And it’s 66 inches tall!

The April Mega Sale ends on Thursday, April 29th at 9:00 pm EDT! Make sure to place your bids before the auction closes!

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