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From $10,000 to $500,000

In the recent Heritage magazine, there is an article about the recent price performance of movie posters and how they have come into their own.

The article references the fact that before 1990 the most valuable movie posters were worth $10,000 and now they are worth $500,000! The reason? They are pieces of history that are beautiful and rare! Sound familiar? The current Pinnacle Collection sale offers the collectibles world unprecedented access to some of the most desirable concert posters ever offered at public auction. In fact, this sale represents the finest quality sale of its kind--EVER!!! These posters are sure to be placed into long term collections, and it could be decades before this high quality of a collection is offered again. Don't let the opportunity pass. The following is an excerpt from the article; "The research, originally compiled for Heritage auctions and updated and expanded by Halperin and Cantu, helps explain why a poster for the 1932 film Freaks increased in value from $10 to $107,550 in 30 years (it's the only one of its kind), why we may never see the 1927 Lon Chaney film London After Midnight (all prints have been lost), and why Flying Down to Rio posters are highly prized by collectors (the musical marks the debut of Fred Astaire and Ginger rogers as a dancing team). Vintage movie posters as a collectibles category have boomed in the past 20 years, says Grey Smith, director of vintage movie posters at Heritage auctions. "before 1990," he says, "the most valuable posters were under $10,000. Today, top prices are rapidly approaching $500,000."

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