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Don't Take Our Word For It! Part 2

This week we continue to discuss the most important aspect of valuing any collectible … state of preservation, or condition. The February 23, 2009 issue of Barron's featured an article on the current state of the collectible automobile market. The article was reporting on a major national auction that took place at the very low point of our most recent financial crisis.

"The market for collectible vehicles has lost some power. But demand has hardly stalled, here's what's hot. Some things haven't changed. Quality and authenticity are still king. The finer a car's condition and the closer it matches its original state, the better. Differences in condition can drastically affect prices of the same model."

This is what makes collecting 1960's Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters so exciting. Collectors are just now recognizing how rare and desirable pristine pieces are, making this a true ground floor opportunity.

Call Glen Trosch today at 410-464-6180 to discuss how we can help you build a beautiful portfolio of these wonderful pieces of history.

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