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Don't Take Our Word For It!

If there is one message that we've tried to convey over and over, it is that when it comes to collectibles, Quality is King. This is not theory, or our opinion, it is a simple fact that can't be ignored. In the Spring 2009 issue of heritage Magazine, there is an extensive interview with Super Collector Steve Geppi. Steve is the largest, smartest and most sophisticated Comics and Pop Culture collector in the world, and he also happens to be a minority owner of The Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

Geppi is quoted as follows--I had a voracious appetite for buying quality comics in High Grade. I learned early that condition was critical from an investment standpoint. The higher the grade, you couldn't get stuck. No matter what you paid for a high-grade book, even if it was over market, if you sat on it long enough it would eventually turn into a good investment because they are not making them anymore. Today, with the stock market and the Real Estate market in the tank, I've been waving the flag. I even wrote an editorial for the local newspaper. The real true supply and demand market, if that's what escalating value is about, is over here in collectibles. People are recognizing that this stuff is really, truly something that can't be replaced. You don't wake up looking at some newspaper that tells you your Superman #1 is worth half of what it was yesterday. I knew if I bought high grade--not to say that you can't make money in lower grade, but in Blue Chip investing it's clear. When you buy a Walt Disney poster and there is only one known, and it's in high grade, you have to pay the price or you don't get it.”

To read the entire article click here:

In the same issue is an article written by Scott Tilson, co-founder of Psychedelic Art Exchange.

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