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Rally Rd Introduces FD-26 to Public as Fractional Investment

Rally Rd Introduces FD-26 to Public as Fractional Investment

Last Friday the first concert poster to be offered to the public for fractional investment was introduced by Rally Road is an innovative online platform that has paved the way for collectors to own a piece of  the world’s most interesting and valuable collectibles assets. After extensive research, Rally will acquire an asset ,which is then securitized and turned into equity shares and offered to their clientele. After 90 days the shares are opened for trading for Rally customers.


The poster-1966 Grateful Dead-Avalon Ballroom FD-26-OP-1 “Skull & Roses”  graded 9.6 by CGC  was valued by Rally at $125,000 and Introduced at $10 a share. The offer sold out in less than 30 minutes! 

Fractional investments are the latest innovation to hit the exploding collectibles markets. According to Real Assets Advisor, the global collectibles market in 2021 was $402 Billion and projected to be 1 Trillion by 2032. In the past decade comics and cards have consistently reported $1,000,000 auction results . PAE is undeterred in its belief that vintage concert posters are able to play at that level. Rally rd has the marketing power to broadcast the message effectively. To that end, we offered up one of our top top assets to get the game started. Stay tuned to this channel for updates!

Note: Prior to the FD-26 offering going live, our President, Glen Trosch, was interviewed by Rally for their podcast “The Best Money I Ever Spent” where he discussed the vintage poster collecting hobby. Listen here for more: 

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