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Buy 2nd and 3rd Printings!

Hopefully this headline has caught your attention as regular readers of this blog know that Psychedelic Art Exchange abhors this strategy. BUT--if you are looking for cool artwork, and artwork alone--this is by far your best collecting strategy!

Why? Because second and third printings are literally available by the MILLIONS! They are not rare at all, they have no historical significance, enjoy virtually zero demand, can be located with no effort and are extremely CHEAP in price-- and in every other respect! Why would I want to waste my time with posters like that? You are probably (hopefully) asking yourself. Because YOU, as a SERIOUS COLLECTOR, want THE REAL THING! YOU want posters that MEAN SOMETHING, posters that are ORIGINAL, posters that are SOUGHT AFTER AND RARE, posters that are increasingly MORE DESIRABLE with each passing year, posters and a collection that YOU ARE PROUD OF!

If this describes you, if this is how you already feel, then you need to extend this feeling to the subject of condition. The same collectors that value authenticity and originality also value pristine condition for all the same reasons and instincts. People want the ORIGINAL because original is authentic and real and rare and desirable and sought after. And the few remaining MINT condition pieces from the 1960's era are more of all the traits listed above. Run of the mill copies (or restored) are far easier to locate and in far less demand with far less eye appeal.

So as we enter 2010 take a hard look at your collection. Resolve to upgrade your collection if an opportunity presents itself to do so. Trim your holdings that don't make you proud. Let your heart and your collector instincts be your guide.

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