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Auction Watch: Signed Material in our June CGC Sale!

Auction Watch: Signed Material in our June CGC Sale!

We are pleased to be able to offer the concert poster collecting community an impressive number of signed items in our current auction, the June CGC Sale! In total, there are 69 signed pieces available for bidding. Most of these signatures are from the artist who designed the piece in question, although band and musician signatures are present as well. These signatures only add to the value and potential of the item in question.

Many of these items feature signatures from some of the most important and innovative poster artists in history who are no longer with us. Among these are 8 items featuring the late Rick Griffin’s signature, 10 with Alton Kelley’s, 10 with Wes Wilson’s, and 7 with Bonnie MacLean’s. These four artists were among the first psychedelic poster artist to ever create work in San Francisco in the 1960s, with three of them being a part of the “Big Five”, and their signatures hold great historical value. Many other artists including Gary Grimshaw, Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, Randy Tuten, David Singer, and Mike King have signed posters available in this current sale as well. While all of these signatures are authentic, a total of 7 items have been placed in a Signature Series holder by CGC. Posters and handbills that are placed in these holders have been signed in the presence of an authorized CGC witness, further guaranteeing their authenticity.

Signed pieces similar to those we are offering to you today have historically done well in our auctions. In 2016, a copy of the FD-13 poster double signed by Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley sold for an astounding $9,787. This past February, we were able to offer a BG-5 poster signed by Wes Wilson and Eric King that sold for $12,000. Last year, a Wes Wilson signed copy of the FD-2-OHB-B handbill went for $10,200 in our auction. These are just a few examples of how well these items tend to perform!

While we love being able to offer signed material to our buyers, we at PAE are aware that autograph fraud is rampant in the collecting community. Therefore, we follow a strict set of criteria that we follow when vetting signatures for items not already authenticated by a credible third party such as CGC. We closely examine the source from which the item in question came and any applicable previous sales information. Additionally, we will immediately pull any items featuring signatures that we discover are not authentic.

Not all collectors prefer to obtain signed material when purchasing posters. However, we truly believe the addition of an authentic signature can only enhance the item in question. Happy collecting!

The June CGC Sale closes on Thursday, July 1st at 9:00 pm EDT! Click here to enter the auction and check out these amazing signed items.

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