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Announcing the Fall Clearance Sale!

Announcing the Fall Clearance Sale!

You can’t stop rock n’ roll nor fit it into a single box! So friends, here’s a chance to search to unearth hidden treasures and bargains.

We are very excited to introduce a new avenue for concert poster enthusiasts who love to buy at auction. Our continuing mission at PAE is to provide collectors with the greatest options when buying vintage posters. To that end we are announcing a new type of auction that will run alongside our monthly Mega-Sale & CGC certified sales!

Psychedelic Art Exchange has more posters to sell than we ever imagined. When we first started hosting auctions, we wondered how we could get even one consignor to send us posters. Today, after completing over 140 auctions, the game has changed significantly. Over the past 3 years, submissions to our auction have quadrupled in volume. The challenge PAE now faces is how to effectively accommodate buyers and sellers at every price level. NOW, In an effort to meet the demand of entry-level collectors, dealers in search of fresh inventory, and conservation savvy speculators, we are adding this third option to our monthly auction calendar. We initially created our monthly Mega sale to offer our buyers an endless variety of treasures not currently available for 3rd party certification. In that sale we offered "grab bags" and dealer lots to capture this .. However, that sale is currently bursting at the seams, so we built a new home for the "sleepers," the "forgotten favorites"; the "scratch and dents" or otherwise orphaned posters that just needed a little love and attention.

Beginning with our “Fall Clearance Sale”, PAE will provide this platform for posters that don’t require extensive cataloging or precision packaging.This auction will provide a gateway for novice buyers and experienced collectors who can identify hidden opportunities.

The following details will be available for each lot in the Fall Clearance Sale:

  • Common Title and/or series
  • Printing (with rare exceptions)
  • Dimensions (with some exception for “grab bag” lots)
  • PAE Grading to a more approximate 10-point scale
  • Catalog numbers where appropriate
  • Comprehensive Photos of lots available (with HD files available currently by request)

Posters in this sale will not be encapsulated, will not include COA’s, and will be sold “as is” with a general indication of condition. Posters in most cases will be rolled and shipped by USPS unless otherwise requested. The full auction policies will of course be presented alongside this sale. We will still guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, but please enter the auction with the understanding that this is an opportunity to bring products to sale that would have been kept out of auctions until now. These auctions will have the appeal of a “Treasure hunt” as we have definitely sprinkled in a few surprises that are absolute gems to the savvy collector.

The Fall Clearance Sale is open NOW and will end on Sunday, October 17th. Lots will begin to close at 5:00 pm eastern time.

We look forward to sharing and enjoying the content of these more casual auctions with you all in the Psychedelic Art Exchange, and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Click Here To Enter the Fall Clearance Sale!

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