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2010 Predictions Part 3

This is the third and final installment of our predictions for 2010. See previous blog posts for the beginning of this article.

5) Mint Condition Posters will Be More Expensive and Harder To Find! Mint Condition is where all the action is at PAE. This is segment of the market that enjoys the strongest demand and is in least supply. What does that mean to you and your collection? It means that if you have specific items on your "want list", you'd be wise to acquire them sooner rather than later as prices will continue to increase. Act now, while the window of opportunity remains wide open!

6) There will Continue To Be Widespread, Mainstream Interest In Anything To Do With The Sixties! Most experts agree that the 1960's brought us the most significant social movement and growth of the 20th Century. So much happened that began in the Sixties is still relevant today. The era has indelibly marked our morals, our ideals, our politics, our fashion, our music and virtually every other aspect of our lives. Over the past year, the general public has enjoyed mass market movies such as Taking Woodstock and Pirate Radio, and major museum retrospectives of the era and our beloved art. Look for this focus to continue, which will just increase the interest, historical importance and appeal of our beautiful Classic Concert Posters!

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