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2010 Predictions Part 2

This blog is a continuation of our 2010 Predictions Part 1...

3) There will be a continued focus on condition! In every collectibles market, there is a focus on condition, or state of preservation. Condition, combined with rare and in pristine Mint Condition. In every collectibles market there will always be people who want to buy the best. Mint Condition posters always enjoy top demand and are available in the smallest supply. In contrast, run of the mill damaged posters are always readily available. If you wanted to locate early damaged posters, you don't have to work very hard. If you want to accumulate a select group of early pieces in Mint Condition, you are embarking on a project that will take you years. As in everything in life, the effort put in will determine the results you get out. The choice is up to you!

4) There will be a new appreciation of scarcity! Some collectors, particularly new ones, do not fully understand how difficult it is to locate Classic 1960's Concert Posters in Mint Condition. There are some firms on the Internet that list every piece ever issued for sale, and many ARE available in Mint Condition. Just not the right ones! The posters that are available in Mint Condition are the later issues, BG and FD series after #30 and other venues after 1969. You won't find this out until AFTER you order. The desirable issues, the ones that we recommend in our free report, "Insider Secrets of The Psychedelic Art Market" have long been snapped up by savvy collectors years ago. If you have not downloaded this free report, do it now. We reveal what posters are most in demand and are offered in non existent supply. These are the pieces that are being acquired the moment they hit the market, the pieces you want for your collection.

To be Continued...

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