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2010 Predictions Part 1

As we embark on a New Year, I thought I'd put down on paper my predictions for 2010.

1) Tangible Assets Continue to Be Hot! With interest rates below 2%, and inflation running higher than what can be earned risk-free, there is very little incentive to leave your money in a bank CD. Every day, money left in the bank will shrink instead of grow. The interesting paradox is that more traditional forms of investment such as stocks and real estate are still in the midst of correcting in price. There is a general consensus that what can be bought in these two arenas today will cost you even less in a year's time! This is why the value of tangible assets (gold, commodities, diamonds, collectibles) continue to increase. People with excess funds want to have something real and secure instead of a "lottery ticket" that dances around in price on a moment to moment basis and whose value can completely evaporate without warning. Count on this trend continuing in 2010!

2) The Interest in Classic 1960's Concert Posters Will Continue To Grow! The "perfect storm" that characterizes the Classic Psychedelic Concert Poster Market is no longer a secret. Collectors around the world understand that these incredible works of art have a long list of positive attributes--incredible low original issue numbers, a worldwide demand, unsurpassed historical importance, amazing beauty, ridiculously low values compared to other collectibles and a tremendous scarcity of pieces in Mint Condition all combine to offer what many believe is the most lucrative collectibles opportunity of the past 30 years! Look for this exciting market to continue to grow over the next 12 months as more new buyers enter the field, and existing collectors aggressively plan to upgrade their holdings to maximize the opportunity they have already identified!

To be continued...

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