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$15,000 Reward Announced for Family Dog FD-12 Grateful Dead Avalon Ballroom 6/10/66 Concert Poster by Psychedelic Art Exchange

World record prices offered for 1966 Family Dog concert posters in any condition.


A $15,000 reward has just been announced by Psychedelic Art Exchange for anyone that has an authentic, undamaged original first printing of the Family Dog FD-12 Concert Poster. The concert poster promotes two days of performances by the Grateful Dead that took place at the Avalon Ballroom on June 10 and 11,1966.

"We recently auctioned off a copy of the FD-12 concert poster that generated tremendous interest around the world," explained Scott Tilson of Psychedelic Art Exchange, the auction house offering the reward. "Now we have a few other collectors begging us for this important concert poster. We're hoping our $15,000 reward for an undamaged copy brings at least one seller out of the woodwork. Collectors need to know we would be thrilled to acquire this special poster in any condition and we're willing to pay a world record price to get it," explained Tilson.

The Family Dog FD-12 Grateful Dead concert poster has special historical significance because it's the very first time the Grateful Dead and an image of a skull appeared together. Soon thereafter, the skull became the Grateful Dead's trademark.

Around 1000 original first printings were produced and just a small fraction of those are known to exist today. If you have a Family Dog FD-12 Grateful Dead concert poster you wish to sell, or any other Family Dog Avalon Ballroom concert posters from 1966, call Scott Tilson at 435-659-1660 or email Scott (at)


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