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1967 AOR-2.215 Human Be-In A Gathering of the Tribes RP-3 Poster CGC 9.8
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1967 AOR-2.215 Human Be-In A Gathering of the Tribes RP-3 Poster CGC 9.8

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This is one of Rick Griffin’s earliest, best, and most historically important pieces. This reprint poster was released shortly after the event, but still 50+ years ago, and represents a great way to acquire this fantastic work of art at a more affordable price than the first printing pre-concert posters can command. 

The Human Be-In kicked off the Summer of Love, the 50th Anniversary of this event will be widely celebrated in the next couple of months! The Human Be-In was originally conceived as an opportunity for the San Francisco Bohemians and Berkeley radicals to join forces in celebration of their respective counter-culture ideals. The Stage was taken by the major San Francisco bands of the day, as well as Psychedelic advocates, political radicals, beat writers, and spiritualists.

Key figures included Tim Leary, Richard Alpert,, Allen Ginsburg, and Jerry Rubin who spoke to the gathering of 30,000. The Be-in was a true illustration of the ideals of the Haight and probably the last true gathering before the innocence of the culture would be lost.

Poster – AOR 2.215 Reprint - Human Be-In, A Gathering of the Tribes

Grade – CGC 9.8

Bands/Bill – All the SF Bands

Venue – Polo Grounds, Golden Gate Park

City – San Francisco, California

Date – 1/14/67

Dimensions – 14 1/4” x 22 1/2”

Printing – RP-3, Post-Concert Reprint

Artist – Rick Griffin

A.O.R. #2.215

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