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Concert Posters Make National Headlines Again!

Last week the national media once again spotlighted the exploding market for Vintage Concert Posters with the news that a new feature documentary film, American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art has just been released. The article was one third of a full page with several large, full color photos. This news comes right on the heals of the major Denver Art Museum exhibit, and will be followed with intense media coverage this summer of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. You can read the article here

We are currently seeing a very active market for the most desirable posters with early posters in Mint Condition bringing extremely strong prices over the past several months. The most attention is being directed to the posters that we have targeted for acquisition in our special report "Insider Secrets of The Psychedelic Art Market." This report can be downloaded free at our site.

In other news, CBS Marketwatch last week featured an article on the intense interest in alternative investments. Savvy players are placing their assets into tangible collectibles that cannot fall in half overnight and should increase along with the rate of inflation. You can read that article here:

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1960's Concert Posters Deluge Mainstream Media!

This past week saw the appearance of two major news stories and one motion picture about classic 1960's rock concert posters. All of this reinforces what our clients have known for a very long time, that this is a collectibles market that is currently enjoying unprecedented exposure and popularity. Demand currently far exceeds the available supply of the most desirable material and this is resulting in rising prices.

Please contact us today and we'll tell you how you can best take advantage of the single most lucrative collectibles opportunity we've seen in the past 30 years!

The first story to hit was about the new exhibit at The Denver Art Museum titled "The Psychedelic Experience." Below are three great links that give you all the details on this exciting event!

The second major story appeared on the front page of U.S.A. Today's Life section about a new exhibit at The Museum at Bethel Woods that commemorates the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.

Lastly, news arrived about a full length motion picture titled "American Artifact, The Rise of American Rock Poster Art" which is currently in production!

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