Bill Graham

Another Major Museum Retrospective!

It has just been announced that the phenomenal “Bill Graham and The Rock and Roll Revolution” exhibit that has already appeared in Los Angeles and San Francisco, is now making its way east to Philadalphia!

The exhibit will open 9/16/16 at The National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, Pa. and will run through 1/16/17. The exhibit features over 200 pieces of memorabilia that covers the entirety of Graham’s life and career. The vast majority of pieces in the exhibit are the very same concert posters that have become so sought after by collectors. This news guarantees that a mega bright spotlight will continue to be focused on Vintage Rock Concert Posters in general, and Fillmore posters, in particular. More importantly, with each new museum retrospective, there is a heightened recognition and appreciation for both the historical significance and artistic merits of these artworks. We continue to recommend collecting any and all issues pertaining to Bill Graham concerts.

Our specific advice continues to be the same: Buy the best possible posters you can afford. Buy one great poster instead of five middle of the road pieces. Buy Original First Printings whenever possible. Focus on the highest quality and earliest examples you can find.

Most importantly, understand and act on what you see happening here. Six or seven years ago, it would have been earth shattering news to hear about the appearance of Vintage Rock Concert posters in any major museum. Now, this is happening many times a year. No wonder demand for the best material is far out stripping the tiny available supply! What’s most exciting is that we believe we are just in the top of the second inning as far what you will eventually see develop in this exciting, emerging market. Stay tuned for a detailed report on the Philadelphia exhibit, as soon as it opens.

To read more about the Bill Graham Museum Retrospective, click here:

Concert Poster Movies and Art Shows

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you are well aware of the growing recognition and reporting about 1960’s Concert posters within mainstream society. I would like to highly recommend a documentary that came out in 2009 but is even more relevant today than ever. This is “American Artifact – The Rise of American Rock Poster Art.

This documentary is really well produced and highly informative and entertaining. The film traces this incredible art from it’s birth in the 1960’s, right up to the present day. Literally dozens of artists are interviewed, and you get a wonderful sense of “being there back in the day”. Of course, the artwork is truly breathtaking as well.

I have repeated ad nauseam, that if you expect to have any success in a collectible area, you MUST invest the time and money to acquire all the relevant information available. This DVD, available at Amazon for a little over 10 bucks, is no exception. Order it right now, while it’s fresh in your mind—

Here’s the link

This summer we urged you to see the Bill Graham exhibit at the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles, Ca. Many of our readers took our advise and the reviews we received were unanimously excellent.

Great News!

It has just been officially announced that the exhibit will move to the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco from March 10- June 12, 2016. The exhibit will then make stops in Chicago, Cleveland, and New York, dates to be announced. This is one exhibit you don’t ant to miss! Here’s a link to the story:

Millions See 1960’s Concert Poster Exhibit !

Last week we discussed the Bill Graham Exhibit which is currently appearing at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, Ca.. Once again, we implore you to go see it, it will exceed your expectations. 

This week I would like to tell you about another major exhibit that brought 1960’s Concert Posters into the mainstream consciousness.

Last year, for 6 months, there was a Huge and Spectacular Display of posters that were exhibited at The San Francisco International Airport. We went to see the exhibit and came away with the following thoughts:

1) The exhibit was truly massive, and professionally executed. Kudos to the curator, Ben Marks and all those involved in this project in any way.

2) These amazing posters, when displayed side by side, provide an overwhelming feast for the eyes!

3) Literally MILLIONS of people saw this exhibit.

4) Most people we talked to that were viewing the exhibit were BLOWN AWAY by the art, and many asked where these posters could be found, and of course, how much are they worth?

5) These posters DO have widespread, mainstream appeal. It’s simply a question of exposing this exciting collectible and artwork to the general public. That’s the hard part. The desirability and appeal of these artworks sell themselves once seen.

6) The Internet does not do these posters justice. These posters MUST be seen in person to be truly appreciated. A one inch thumbnail provides less than 5% of experiencing the real thing. Even blown up pictures on a large monitor fail to scrape the surface of the true experience of viewing these posters firsthand. That’s why it’s so encouraging to see these posters make their way into art galleries and museums, it truly is love at first sight.

7) Take a look at the wonderful article on this exhibit. Not only does it provide a fabulous overview of the posters, it also shows you through several photos how impressive this exhibit was! To see the article, click here!

Back By Popular Demand!

It goes without saying that the market for Vintage 1960’s Concert Posters has exploded in many positive directions over the past 3 years. 

We have been so busy here at PAE, that we have let our blog go dormant, and we wish to extend our apologies for this. We know this has frustrated many collectors that had come to rely on us for the most up to date information in this exciting marketplace. Please know that we are now answering your many requests for up-to date- information and we are committed to publishing new blog posts every Monday morning.

Please be patient as we disseminate a huge quantity of news over the next several weeks. The next few posts will be a mixture of reviewing what has transpired over the past 36 months and while also explaining what is happening now. So, if you see a post pertaining to a past event (there have been many critical ones!!), you’ll understand its purpose.

One requests we have of you. We hope that this blog re-launch will serve as a 2-way forum and conversation. If you read this blog, PLEASE chime in, as it takes a lot of work to generate this content and it’s nice to hear from you on the other end.

Hot News! The Bill Graham Museum Exhibit!

One of the recurring reasons why collectors are so “bullish” on this market is the acceptance of these historically important posters as legitimate artwork by mainstream museums.

Over the past several years, there have been major retrospectives and highly successful exhibitions in many of our nation’s most prestigious museums including the New York Museum of Modern Art, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Laguna Art Museum, The San Diego Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian Institution.

It was not uncommon for these exhibits to feature long lines and rave reviews.

However, no past exhibit of Vintage Concert Posters can compare to the current Bill Graham exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California that currently runs through October 11, 2015.

No amount of superlatives does this exhibit justice: Exciting, engaging, detailed, highly professional, historically important,etc. The exhibit is all of these and more! Most importantly, it weaves together the story of music, a man and a movement that is captivating to ANYONE, regardless of their taste or interests. It’s THAT GREAT!

Clearly, if you are reading this blog, you MUST do whatever it takes, to see this exhibit. It will blow you away and exceed your wildest expectations!

Aside from the enjoyment you will get from attendance, there are far greater ramifications at work here. This MAJOR MUSEUM EXHIBIT (which will travel after October 11th) will undoubtedly fan the flames of awareness and appreciation for these ultra rare, historically important artworks. This will undoubtedly lead to more collectors, a further dwindling of supply and rising prices. This is not some wild conjecture or prediction, it’s happening every day as you read this. The lines at the museum are indeed impressive.

As a reader of this blog, you are way ahead of the pack. Use your superior information and knowledge to your advantage. Fill in the missing pieces to your collection NOW, while they are still available and utterly affordable!

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what the mainstream press is saying:

Wall Street Journal:

LA Times

Billboard Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine

Trip Advisor

The Famous Pinnacle Collection!

The Famous Pinnacle Collection! The Finest 1960's Concert Poster Auction Ever!

Preview begins April 26, 2010

Bidding Begins: May 15, 2010

Bidding Ends May 22, 2010

We are proud to offer you a collectibles event that has been over 25 years in the making! The Pinnacle Collection contains the finest accumulation of MINT early 1960's concert posters ever offered at public auction. Each and every poster was hand selected for its unsurpassed quality and eye appeal with no compromises allowed or included! Many of the posters offered here are being offered for the FIRST TIME IN DECADES. Please carefully consider the unique opportunity at hand as it will surely be many years--if ever--that a sale of this caliber takes place again.

Students of the collectibles markets understand that it is sales like this that sow the seeds of future great collections--will one of them be yours? All great collections are ultimately built on the back of previous collectors that for one reason or another choose to liquidate their holdings. This happens infrequently, and when it does, you can throw the price guides and previous sales data out the window as seasoned collectors circle like sharks for the juiciest meat of the sale.

The highlights here are too numerous to mention. Each and every piece is an Original First Printing unless otherwise noted. All posters have been PAE Authenticated and Graded and are backed by the strongest guarantees available anywhere. Make no mistake about it, collectors will need to "stretch" to claim a prize in this sale. Our best advice is to remember that quality is remembered LONG after price is forgotten. The question that needs to be asked is whether you will care 10 or 15 years from now that you paid some reasonable premium to secure a rarity today? We think not!

We hope that each and every one of you enjoy viewing and bidding on this sale as much as we enjoyed cataloging it. Psychedelic Art Exchange prides itself on offering unsurpassed quality and service and we believe this historic event clearly delivers on this goal.


The Most Important Number In Collecting

Through this blog we try to impart advice that has been hard earned through over 50 years of combined experience wheeling and dealing in the collectibles markets. 

There are certain "rules to live by" that are necessary for success no matter what collectible one is addressing. Today I'd like to share another one of these "golden rules" with you. There is one number in collectibles that is instantly more sought after and valuable than any other number and that is the number ONE. ONE as in FIRST!! The first corvette, the first Batman comic, the first U.S. coin are all immediately recognizable due to the HISTORIC IMPORTANCE of the collectible in question. Anybody and everybody can understand THE FIRST, and therefore THE FIRST of everything has an intrinsic desirability to people inside AND outside a collectible market.

So how does this pertain to Classic 1960's Psychedelic Rock Concert Posters? Well the BG1 and the FD1 and the first posters at any other venue have always enjoyed top demand. But so is the FIRST appearance of a given band at a venue, or THE FIRST poster designed by an artist, or THE FIRST year of a band's existence. There are lots of FIRSTS that one can collect--but be certain of one thing--there will always be more people that want to own these items than there is supply to go around. So it's up to you to use this knowledge to your advantage. You won't be the FIRST to profit from it and you certainly won't be the last!!


Last Chance To Bid - Auction Ends in 24 Hours - Friday at 2:00pm (est.)

If you are looking to acquire extremely early Fillmore Auditorium and Avalon Ballroom posters in Mint condition, you still have 24 hours to participate in our Classic San Francisco Sale. 

The auction will end Friday, December 18th at 2:00pm est. and features a wonderful selection of very FRESH material. These posters are all but impossible to locate in the condition offered and are not readily available --once they are sold, we cannot easily replace them. Each poster is PAE Certified and Graded and is backed by the strongest guarantees available anywhere.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Glen Trosch at 410-464-6180. Good luck in the sale!!


Reminder To Bid

Just a quick reminder that you only have 4 more days to bid in The Classic San Francisco Sale. 

This auction features a select group of ultra fresh, Mint posters from the very early days in 1966 of The Fillmore Auditorium and The Avalon Ballroom. Each poster is PAE authenticated and Graded and is backed by the strongest guarantees available anywhere. If you have any questions about any of the lots, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Glen Trosch at 410-464-6180 for more details. Good luck in the sale!


Auction Bidding Now Live!

You may now bid on lots in The Classic San Francisco Sale, what we believe is one of the most important selections of MINT posters to be offered at public auction in quite some time. 

This auction features a beautiful collection of early posters from the two most famous and sought after ballrooms, Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium and The Family Dog's Avalon Ballroom.

Each poster offered is an Original First Printing in MINT condition and is a "targeted acquisition" as outlined in our special report "Insider Secrets of the Psychedelic Art Market."

And unlike other sales, each and every piece offered has been PAE Certified, Authenticated and Graded and is backed by the strongest guarantees available anywhere.

Psychedelic Art Exchange is pleased to offer you the ultimate in security and protection so you can confidently participate in the hottest collectibles market in the world today!

You may browse the lots without registering, but you must register to bid.

Be sure to click on the thumbnail of each lot to gain a greater appreciation for how beautiful and eye appealing each piece is.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Glen Trosch at 410-464-6180.

The auction ends on Friday, December 18th, 2009 at noon est.

Good luck in the sale!


Surviving the Show

As was mentioned in our previous post, we come to this world of vintage concert posters by way of our profound passion for music and collectibles. That path brought me to NYC this past weekend to see the Allman Brothers Band play their annual run at the Beacon Theatre. The band is celebrating their Fortieth Anniversary, and I was privileged to be able to attend the Friday night show that featured guitar legend Eric Clapton as an incredibly special guest. It was everything I could have dreamed of, and included ear boggling renditions of several historic Derek and The Dominoes tunes. The spirit of Duane Allman was in the building. Needless to say, the show was incredible. Anyhow, I love the way that posters are a part of the live music experience, so after the show I purchased the commemorative poster which featured a really nice design by Jeff Wood. The clerk took my $35, rolled the print and put a couple of rubber bands around it, and I was on my way. I could not however, get the poster back to my hotel room without it getting damaged. Somehow between a couple of cab rides, a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a late night meal, the poster got slightly crushed, and as a result it had a couple of hard creases.

I touch posters every day with delicate precision, but could not transport one home safely after a night playing out late. After being aggravated by this, I began to reflect on why these posters are so dreadfully hard to find in undamaged condition. Not only did they have to survive forty years of time and environmental impact, but they also had to deal with the clumsy handling of the folks who owned and enjoyed them at the time.

Bill Graham had a tradition of handing out posters after a show, how many of these remain undamaged? People who had this stuff back then were much like me. They were getting a souvenir of their experience. They were not speculating about future value. It is truly amazing that any of this stuff exists in Mint condition.